OBSRVNC is about honoring the various rituals and means of self-care that we partake in on a daily basis.

Healing + Supportive Energy

Are you cultivating good vibes for your life and home?

With crystals for your home, healing bracelets for your arms, nutritious herbal teas, and handmade photo cards to send to loved ones, and more—OBSRVNC encourages you to create your own positive energy and rituals!

Let’s explore nature, health & wellness, and astrology together.

Do you create moments in your life to observe the world around you—the world within you—and the world above you?

Observe. Protect. Cleanse. Bless. Decorate

Talismans, symbols, plant medicine, and home decor are all a part of my personal observances.

OBSRVNC is when I honor my spirit.

It’s about when I dedicate time to write in my journal; to connect with my ancestor altar, to burning incense, to simply being present.

These moments of rituals are my observances for my spirit. 

— B., OBSRVNC Founder


Jewelry + Accessories

Shop bracelets with healing crystals/stones, talismans, affirmations, and more.

Boathouse Prospect Park


Astrology insights, musings, health & wellness tips, and beautiful photography.

Herbal Recommendations

Healing herbal infusions, teas, and remedies.