Taurus, Venus and the Food Connection

Living the good life – drinking wine – fine chocolates – charcuterie boards – oysters- fruit tarts – rich foods!

This is what comes to mind when I think of Taurus season and the notion of indulging in titillating cuisine. Taurus tends to be associated with luxury, seeking material comforts, and stability because…

  • A. its very nature is tied to Venus (and Saturn in the sense that Saturn rules over matter and is the energy you want to work with with trying to manifest tangibles)
  • B. it’s a fixed sign. Fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) don’t always like change, but they’re a determined bunch that likes to be rewarded.

Taurus enjoys the whole sensory experience attached to food. Food is not just a means to an end, it’s art, it’s satiation. In general, Taurus nutrition is about upgrading flavors and HOW we enjoy food. It’s fresh parsley, handmade pasta, fresh squeezed lemons mixed with chopped garlic.

If you’re influenced by a lot of Taurus, Venusian, or second house energy – you may enjoy spending time in the Farmers Markets, buying fresh, quality food from your community. Eating earthy foods that contributes to good health is important, especially since Venus can get us into a bit of trouble if not worked with appropriately.

Venus: Queen of Sugars and Starches

Since Venus is also connected to carbohydrates and sugar, it can contribute to spikes in blood pressure and diabetes. This is what also contributes to the notion of Taurus enjoying decadent dessert, pastries, wine, and the likes. In general, Taurus and Libra (also ruled by Venus) need to develop healthy relationships with food because the attachments to sweets, whether outright or through bread and pasta consumption, can become strengthened during times of stress. Additionally, these poor eating habits can contribute to digestive issues due to leaky gut syndrome and nutrient deficiency.

Anyone with heavy Taurus/Venus/2nd House influence should take note of their body’s responses to foods that break down into simple sugars – and the impetus that prompted them to reach for these foods. Of course, we all like to indulge here and there, but when it becomes a habit, it’ll behoove you to think about the root of this behavior.

Remember to incorporate more fiber into the diet, embrace root vegetables and increase your green vegetable intake!

All photos in this blog are my original photography. Brandyce for OBSRVNC.



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