Stop to Smell the Flowers This Taurus Season

The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and there’s no denying that we are in spring! True spring indicates that we’re also in Taurus season. It’s time for the bull to come barreling through the cosmos and get us grounded in ourselves. After the flurry of spring initiation from Aries, Taurus tells us to take a seat and get our shit together.

What’s funny is that Taurus, represented by the bull, is actually ruled by Venus and can bring a bit of a soft, luxurious nature to the scene. Because Taurus energy is earthy and fixed in nature, this is the time to slow down and really work through the plans you initiated during Aries season.

Taurus season asks you to slow down – enjoy the fullness of spring – and reconsider your priorities.

Earth energy is slower, it’s more methodical. When Taurus joins the party, the energy wants you to befriend yourself and be intentional about enjoying the things that bring you pleasure. Enjoy nature, smell the flowers, and take in all the sights!

Taurus energy also wants you to ask if you’re working on something sustainable. Taurus loves stability and a reliable cash flow. So during this time, see how you can connect better with your finances. Connect with your life goals and most importantly, your health!

Just remember – don’t do too much.

With Spring in full force, it’s easier for us to want to buy ourselves nice things as we experience the weather transition, to want to dine outside and perhaps go to more happy hours – but it’s always important to take it easy with overindulgence during this season. It’s especially important to be aware of these inclinations if you have a lot of Taurus or 2nd house placements in your natal chart — as this is an energy that loves material rewards.

I’m grateful for the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having in NYC this year. Mother nature has been incredibly generous with these blooms and florals, so I’ve shared some pics of little Brooklyn and Manhattan Spring Love in this post. Enjoy!



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