Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weird Outside?

It’s Spring of 2023 and after a bit of a hiatus, I’m easing back into content creation here on OBSRVNC. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and observations of this wild world that we live in. AND — I will be back with my herbs and seasonal + astrological nutrition recommendations, starting with Taurus season later in April.

With the weather warming up, I’ve been out and about more frequently, which means — more opportunities to observe people. With these observations, I noticed how much the pandemic has changed society. Yes, of course, the pandemic changed the world. But no really, from a lack of good service, to things falling into disrepair, and the overall odd behaviors of people — something seems profoundly broken.

There are many subtleties and nuances to the things I’ve noticed lately, but here are a few:

Too many people still get too close for comfort.

Remember when everyone was afraid to be next to one another? “6 feet apart.” Now that people are less terrified, I almost find that folks have lost sense of the personal space bubble. I’ll find that people stand too close to me in lines, on train platforms, and virtually everywhere. Somewhere along the way, manners and decency have gone out the window.

There are times when I’ve flat-out had to tell people to back up. Also, I’m from NYC – I’m skeptical and inherently suspicious of anyone too close. It’s an unsettling feeling.

I’m surrounded by zombies.

I understand the challenges of being fully present at times. But with everyone so focused on their phones, there’s an increase in low-grade chaos outside. Everyone is distracted all of the tiiiime.

I’ve legit seen people walk into traffic because their heads were in their phones. It’s like there’s this notion that someone else is going to be looking out, so all sense of personal responsibility goes out the window. It’s madness out here! Being so caught up in the digital world has made people lose touch with the reality that they actually operate in. And that’s scary … I’m only a pedestrian who also rides public transit. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be as a driver. 

It seems like anxiety is at an all-time high. We left behind the brief period during the pandemic where everyone acted like “we’re all in this together.” We’ve re-entered a society where a lot of people are unsettled, apathetic, depressed, and on edge. This simmering energy is taking a toll on the collective consciousness.

Let’s just say … the vibes are off.

With this awareness, I am really focusing on my keeping my health and mental well-being in-tact. In these days where people are lacking awareness of their physical state and presence — and where the “metaverse” is trying to take your soul one scroll at a time, I’m finding that it’s critical to develop a positive relationship with yourself!

Focus on the things you can control, your emotional response to situations. Day by day, one decision at a time.

All photography captured by me, Brandyce, founder of OBSRVNC




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4 responses to “Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weird Outside?”

  1. heardandfelt Avatar

    You aren’t alone in your observations! It is unsettling (and dangerous!) going outside and seeing everyone walking around with their heads down.


    1. B Avatar

      It’s definitely unsettling. Thank you for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Diamond Jim Avatar
    Diamond Jim

    Great read and an important acknowledgment. Thank you for sharing


    1. B Avatar

      Thank you! I appreciate you Diamond Jim 💎


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