• Do You Prepare Yourself for the Winter Blues?

    Do You Prepare Yourself for the Winter Blues?

    Cloudy days, sharp winds, icy streets, and cold temperatures are just some of the conditions that New Yorkers and folks in the Midwest and Northeast deal with during the winter. Oh, and of course, short days when the sun is setting by 5pm. It’s not really the ideal weather to be outside enjoying nature and…

  • An Observation of the Skies: I Miss the Sun!

    An Observation of the Skies: I Miss the Sun!

    Unfortunately, we’ve had a string of cloudy days here in Brooklyn, NY. If the sun does manage to make an appearance, it’s often behind these hazy, mist-like clouds, which is simply becoming tiring. We need the sun; it is our life force. The sun gives us energy, it brightens our days, and it provides us…

  • Winter: A Time for Quiet Reflection

    Winter: A Time for Quiet Reflection

    Now that I’m older, I’ve really grown to appreciate winter. To be honest, it also probably helps that I don’t have to commute to work everyday and wear a bunch of layers 🙂 As an empath who needs a lot of solitary time, I also appreciate winter because it’s quieter and fewer people are out.…

  • A Summer Storm

    An ombré of yellow into grey, lightning bolts pierce the sky. Flashes of light, heavy water droplets thrown from the heavens, clouds clash, and the grounds rumble. It’s a summer storm, one of the best kinds. Pic taken by me, Brooklyn New York

  • NYC Summer

    Inescapable heat intensified by concrete and steel. Throngs of people crowd the streets, dirt envelops all surfaces, the scent of rancid garbage permeates the air. Despite it all, rain is beautiful on a steamy day; the petrichor feeds my soul, relief has washed over my body.  Shot by me at The Brooklyn Barge, Brooklyn NY

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Pic Taken by me in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn