Winter reflections: Prospect Park

Winter: A Time for Quiet Reflection

Now that I’m older, I’ve really grown to appreciate winter. To be honest, it also probably helps that I don’t have to commute to work everyday and wear a bunch of layers 🙂

As an empath who needs a lot of solitary time, I also appreciate winter because it’s quieter and fewer people are out. After NYC’s raucous summer with everyone being outside due to the pandemic, I appreciate not having to encounter all of those energies. Restaurants have managed to set up heat lamps and bubbles for outdoor dining, but I’d prefer to stay in and make my own dinners or order delivery. Everything about this year has been about learning how to adapt.

Every season, nature transforms and displays a different stage of beauty.

In the winter, we see the bare bones of trees, but they still look beautiful and cast magnificent shadows. Fresh snow can truly brighten the day; it can also be an invitation to just get outside and be present. Watch the snowflakes fall, enjoy it.

Spring brings pleasant smells, birds, blossoms, flowers, and rain for the soil. Summer, we glow with the rays of the sun, the trees are big and green. We enjoy the water and throw our cares to the side. In the fall, we savor the last bit of life as the leaves change beautiful colors at the end of their cycle.

Winter is a time when we reflect on all that came before this moment. Hopefully, we find times of triumph, growth, and of wisdom.

You can also check my portfolio addition of An NYC Winter!

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography.

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One response to “Winter: A Time for Quiet Reflection”

  1. Outosego Avatar

    Liked & Shared. Thank you. Happy holidays.


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