My 3 Favorite Herbs for Heart Health Infusions

Let’s talk about HEART HEALTH!

Since it’s Leo season, and I’m a Leo sun, moon, and mars, I’ve been thinking of matters related to the heart; Leos are ruled by the heart (and sun) after all. I was reflecting upon the ways I’ve changed my own habits and lifestyle to improve my heart health over the years and how the little changes I’ve made along the way have made a world of a difference. 

Dietary Changes

I don’t know if it was because of genetics, my diet, or because I have quite a bit of Leo + fire placements in my chart, but I found out I had high cholesterol and LDL levels (the bad cholesterol) in my twenties. I’ve had to change my diet and lifestyle in order to reduce these numbers — and it wasn’t immediate. It was a slow process of eliminating and finding what works for me. 

Though I sometimes eat more shrimp than I should (which contributes to high cholesterol), I’ve joined the gym and incorporated cardio-focused workouts. Also, I live in Brooklyn and don’t have a car so I walk a lot. 

When it comes to food, I rarely eat bacon and only seldomly eat red meat. I tend to eat chicken on occasion (which for me means maybe once every 1-2 weeks), and avoid dairy for the most part. I’ll often cook meals without any kind of meat, which has led me to explore more options with vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, and grains. 

Herbal Infusions

I think these lifestyle changes along with my inclusion of herbal infusions have helped me combat my heart health issues. My most recent annual blood test results indicated that I no longer had high cholesterol and LDL levels. YAASSSS.

SO, with the heart on my mind, I’m sharing herbal infusions for heart healing. I have experience with the herbs below and absolutely love them. *Consult with you doctor if you have concerns about taking recommended herbs below.*

Rose petals
Off the bat –– rose is an extremely high vibrational plant. When you “stop to smell the roses,” you are calming your nerves and connecting to your heart center. You’re being present. This alone is a simple method for reducing stress (and reducing cortisol/stress hormone). Even when you smell the dried rose to prepare it for your infusion, it’s just soo good.

Rose petals are high in polyphenols [plant compound w/benefits]. It’s said that an increase in polyphenols in the diet are thought to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Rose has anti-inflammatory properties and in general, it’s a helpful aid in transmuting negative vibrations into compassion. 

Hawthorn berries
To fight oxidative stress, hawthorn can reduce atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and strengthen the heart muscle. It has powerful capabilities to prevent, treat, and potentially reverse congestive heart failure. This powerful berry has also helped some folks heal their heart after cardiac arrest. Consider drinking hawthorn in an infusion when encountering grief, a broken heart, or anxiety. Hawthorn is an uplifting herb and can help improve your mood over time.

You can see by the red nature of this plant that it’s high in antioxidants which includes important polyphenols [plant compound w/benefits] and anthocyanins [flavonoid that fights off oxidative stress). Hibiscus has been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol; it also has a positive effect on triglycerides and even liver health. It has a sour, tangy taste and in my opinion, tastes even better when iced. This is a great drink for someone who’s prone to overheating during a hot, summer’s day.

Do you have any specific recommendations for holistic heart healing remedies? Share with me in the comments!

In the Etsy Shop

Since we’re discussing matters of the heart, I’m featuring my handmade Rhodonite bead healing bracelet. Rhodonite is known for its abilities to aid while working through emotional wounds and traumas. As a stone of compassion, it’s great to use while healing heart issues from the past but also bringing in nurturing love (I see it like Palo Santo — it helps to remove while also bringing in lovely energy). 

I strongly encourage wearing this bracelet while working on heart chakra matters, or ancestor altar work.

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