Show the World Your Light This Leo Season!

Hi, it’s me, B!

It’s August and the sun is shining down on us in the regal zodiac sign of Leo! Hopefully, you’re getting a tan and some vitamin D; this is the time of the year where we GLOW and show out.

Ruled by the almighty sun and the regal lion, Leo is a masculine fire energy with characteristics that support ambition, creativity, leadership, endurance, and even fame. When the sun is stationed in Leo, you’re encouraged to show the world your individual light… your uniqueness, your “je ne sais quoi.”

As we enjoy summer festivities and longer hours of sunlight, this is the perfect time to nurture your inner child. Leos are known for having a playful spirit and engaging in hobbies and pursuits that make their heart happy.

What can you do that will engage your inner child and provide an outlet for creativity?

Sunset Park, Brooklyn [captured by me – all rights reserved.]

Health Check for Leo Season

With all this heat, it’s easy to do too much and burn out. The sun has incredible powers to bring and sustain life; it can also use that same power to burn and dry things out to a crisp. Find the balance. Stay hydrated.

Be creative! Activate your mind and heart. Draw, paint, write, do something with your hands. Wherever there’s a Leo placement in your chart, there’s an indication to understand what lights you up. 

Additionally, since Leo’s energy is related to heart matters, don’t forget to go for walks, do cardio at the gym, and stay active to keep the blood pumping through those veins. Make your heart happy.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn [captured by me – all rights reserved.]

Leo season is all about creativity, and as a Leo-sun/Leo-moon, myself, I can’t help but to keep myself busy with a myriad of creative activities. With that said, I hope you also take a look at my Etsy shop, where I sell my photography prints, my handmade healing bracelets, and my intentionally curated Bless & Protect kits to help you cultivate a safe and protective vibe at home! Thank you!

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