A Call to Nurture and Balance Yourself <3

Ok y’all, it’s officially summer!!

And I’ve noticed that the theme of duality from Gemini season continues. We transitioned from light/dark to masculine/feminine. With the sun in the feminine, watery sign of Cancer, I’m called to look at how we balance these tender vibes with the hot, masculine energy of summer. 

How did we get here?

Well, the Summer Solstice arrived on Sunday, June 20th. In ancient times, the first day of the week was dedicated to worshipping the sun deity. And if you didn’t knoww, the sun represents masculine energy, the father, and the sign of Leo. This June, we had both Father’s day AND the Summer Solstice, on a SUNday. That’s a lot of masculine energy!

And what I find interesting about all of this is that it kicked off Cancer season. Cancer represents the mother and the moon in astrology. We also had a full moon in the first week of its season. A lot of feminine energy!

Connect with Your Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies

These dual forces are quite prominent at the moment. I even notice it as the weather has gotten hot. I want to be out and enjoy the sun, but I also just want to chill and be comfy at home. Perhaps we’re called to see how we can further connect with the masculine and feminine energies within us.

Traditionally, as a water sign, Cancers are emotionally driven. Represented as the crab, these folks tend to have a soft interior. Since their insides are so vulnerable, they can often project a tough exterior.

In their healthy state, they like to ensure that matters of family & home are taken care of, but they must remember to take care of themselves! Pour that same energy that you externalize, back into yourself. 

Health Check-in:

Are there ways in which you need to mother yourself? If you’ve been working on those projects/initiatives that got you fired up in the Spring during Aries season … find time to nourish yourself so you can see things through to completion.

Do you know when it’s time to feel into your emotions and when it’s time to be rational?   

I encourage women to pay attention to their reproductive health. Though the reproductive organs are ruled by Scorpio, Cancer is connected to the womb+moon and supports the energy of fertility. Do you track your menstrual cycle? Do you notice the changes of your body — physically and emotionally?

Herbs and Healing of the season:

Mugwort: stomach-soothing/digestion issues, assist with heavy menstrual flow, dream enhancement, named after the ancient moon-goddess, Artemis.

Chickweed: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, demulcent (good for soothing inflamed or irritated mucous membranes), source of vitamin C.

Soothing Sights

Cancer is the first water sign of the Astrological wheel and occurs during the summer when we can actually enjoy the element of water. It’s during this time, where we hit the beach, swim in the lake, and enjoy boat rides.

I’m sharing some photos that capture some of the essences of the soft, nurturing, side of Cancer that ushers us into this season of vacations and relaxation.

In the Etsy Shop

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Bless and protect your home! Intentionally created to bring peace and protection to your special space in the world, this kit has all the elements needed to help you vibe high. 

– 4 oz Florida water
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– White sage smudge stick
– Tiger’s Eye crystal

Makes a great housewarming gift! Or even a gift for yourself and your altar. This kit includes items you can keep on your ancestor or working altar.

All images shot by me. All rights reserved. Dyce photography 2021.

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