Rest and Nurture Your Home this Cancer Season

It’s time to get comfy because we’re in Cancer season, which is one of my favorites, actually – because now we’re officially in summer mode! Spring just kind of flew by.

After an intense Gemini season with Mercury Retrograde and Eclipse portals, we’re able to calm down a bit. It’s time to go inwards and soothe the soul. Gemini season kind of came barreling through with the potential to throw you off your game if you didn’t know what to anticipate. 

Now that Cancer season is here, we can take things a little slow and get our home in order. I love this energy for lounging around at the beach and swimming in the ocean, connecting with Mother Earth. It’s like an innate feeling of being back in the womb. Simply being present in the ocean water provides comfort on a whole nother level.

Comfort. That’s what the feminine sign of Cancer loves. Ruled by emotions and the moon, Cancer is seen as the nurturing figure, “the mother,” the homebody. It’s time to nurture ourselves, to determine what home looks like for us, to connect with our feelings, and mother ourselves.

When you think about it, Cancer, represented by the crab, carries around its home with it everywhere. The home and protection are very important to this sign, so this is the time to really focus on what your inner peace and inner world looks like for you.

Cancer Season To-Dos:

  • Spiritually cleanse and bless your home.
  • Cook yourself your favorite meal.
  • Take time to clean your home and rid of things that are no longer necessary.
  • Connect with your favorite people.
  • Journal and take stock of your emotions but don’t let them rule you.
  • Connect with the ocean water.
  • Live and love!

All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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