Do You Prepare Yourself for the Winter Blues?

Cloudy days, sharp winds, icy streets, and cold temperatures are just some of the conditions that New Yorkers and folks in the Midwest and Northeast deal with during the winter. Oh, and of course, short days when the sun is setting by 5pm. It’s not really the ideal weather to be outside enjoying nature and soaking up the sun.

It’s days like these that contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), low vitamin D counts (which causes a range of health issues), and lethargy – just to name a few maladies. AND if you’re battling snow storms, that’s a whole new challenge tacked on to winter’s seemingly cruelty.

Now that I’m in my 30s and have spent enough time noticing my own behavioral and life patterns – I’ve consciously braced myself for the challenges that winter presents. I tend to find myself feeling exhausted with the weather and conditions somewhere around the end of February into March, so I’ve still got some time before it all fully hits me, but I’m doing what I can now to prepare myself. 

When it’s the dead of winter in NYC, I’m challenging myself to engage a little more:

To continue the gym routine, because actually – it’s crowded during the winter, which is a reminder that other people are staying motivated to move their bodies and consider their health. Plus, how else can you achieve “beach body” goals if you don’t give yourself time in the winter to get right? Vanity aside, winter is when you’re more prone to sickness and poor health, so consistently going to the gym is a great habit that will truly benefit you.

To explore places that are usually crowded during the summer and tourist-heavy seasons. Don’t get it twisted, tourists are always about in NYC, but you have a higher chance of exploring places without swarms of people. PLUS, depending on where you go – you can have better city / skyline views because the trees are bare. You can see more buildings and architecture, and take some cool photos. 

To seek beauty indoors. As a nature-loving girl, I’m all about just going outside and reveling in the wonders around me, but during the winter, there aren’t flowers or pretty foliage to admire. I tend to visit museums more during the winter. I feel pulled toward observing the art of others and being enchanted by visions that I wouldn’t have thought to create. 

The photos I shared above come from walking around DUMBO, Brooklyn, and my visit to The Met Cloisters in Washington Heights, NYC (which is really lovely to visit in the Fall, btw). My snowy header image features a train station at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

So tell me, how are winters around your neck of the woods? Share with me in the comments!


3 Brief Lessons From a Woman Who Was Stretched Too Thin

Can you recall a year when your personal life was completely shaken upside down? I think 2020 was one of those years for most people. Aside from that, I’m sure there have been defining moments in your life where you can recall the year in which it happened. It’s one of those, “Yep, I remember 2015 was just truly life-changing because XYZ happened.” 2022 was one of those years for me. I haven’t written in quite some time — life presented a series of incidents that I needed to address and be present with.

Something interesting happened, I actually came back from a wonderful birthday trip in August with a renewed vigor for life — this new perspective had me looking at situations with a fresh set of eyes. With that, I encountered new personal challenges, and also realized that between my day job, creating content for OBSRVNC, and engaging in freelance marketing work, I was stretching myself too thin. 

1. Take Time To Engage in Pleasurable Activities

I found myself tired and feeling unfulfilled; I had to take my own advice and be still. Sit with myself. I needed to enjoy doing things that brought me pleasure. Not letting ever my effort be towards making a dollar. Once I came to that decision, so much of life opened up to me. I found more clarity in my decision-making process and I was very intentional about carving time out to do things that made me happy: photography, coloring, knitting, and reading.

2. Be Vulnerable

When I was hitting low moments — moments of stress, doubt, or uncertainty, I had to be vulnerable. Vulnerable with myself and with loved ones. I had to cry and be okay with that. I had to express feelings that were difficult for me. This vulnerability truly helped me connect more deeply with loved ones as they opened up and shared more of themselves with me. Experiencing new moments of being open with others is beautiful; it can be so beneficial for your relationships.

3. Embrace the Dark Feminine

Though I haven’t been sharing as much — my search for esoteric knowledge and philosophy continues. I’m finding myself developing a deeper relationship with what’s referred to as “the dark feminine,” and why it’s looked at as such. The goddesses who can navigate the energies of the underworld, who are warriors, and those who sit at the crossroads, remind us of life’s difficulties. They face challenges in the unknown and are guided by their inner fire and compass. I look forward to devoting more of my studies to understanding more of those narratives.

All of that to say — 2022 has shown me a lot about finding balance in my life, continuing to appropriately integrate my feminine and masculine energies, and also about how I show up in my relationships.

Managing a new job with an insane learning curve has taken me away from OBSRVNC for a bit, but this is always my home for creativity, exploring health and nature, and topics related to the occult. Cheers til 2023!

All photography captured by Brandyce of OBSRVNC. All rights reserved.

Delight in the Summer Storm

Summer storms – nature’s party that joins the forces of wind, water, clouds, thunder, and lightning. This combination ushers in such invigorating energy; it’s one of my favorite things about Summer.

Incoming storm in South Carolina.
Photographed by OBSRVNC

It feels like you’re in a movie — all of a sudden the skies get dark and you know something is on the horizon. Soon, the rain drops slowly … just a slight pitter-patter, with only seconds until big droplets gain momentum and pound the concrete, creating its own soundtrack.

Loud booms, flashing lights. Perhaps even a crackle through the sky. There’s a whirlwind of energy.

Soon the show is over and you’re hit by the cool gusty winds. Perhaps you even feel the electricity in the air. 

The relief felt from the rain and storm after so much sun and heat can feel cleansing and renewing. And when all settles down, the clouds form beautiful patterns, the air feels a little less heavy, and you continue on.

Here’s to the hot summer sun and the storms that come with the season! (The ones that don’t leave more humidity in their wake).

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3 Herbs for Leo Season: Protection, Skincare & Heart Healing

It’s hot outside and it’s Leo season! That means it’s time for vacationing and self-nourishment. Leos, who are represented by the sun and by the lion, love being able to take it slow and lounge around. Considering the heat waves we’ve been experiencing this season, slowing down is definitely called for.

This bright luminary is certainly bringing the light AND the intensity this summer, so it’s super important that we stay hydrated and give our bodies the nutrients it needs. Incorporating some solar-ruled herbs into your routines can help you embrace and work with the supporting energies of Leo season now and later.

3 Herbs for Leo Season

Calendula: This solar-ruled herb is a go-to for skin health. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits. Use calendula salves or oils to treat diaper rash, wounds, and other skin conditions. This bright, sunny herb can also be used as a pain and inflammation reducer.

*Can be used for prosperity work, glamour magick, solar plexus work

Hawthorn berries: Perfect for heart-related issues, hawthorn has been known for its various cardio-protective abilities. Hawthorn has been used to help combat angina, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and congestive heart failure. It’s also a wonderful herb to befriend during times of grief. 

Rue: A bitter herb with anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to stimulate menstruation, improve heart health, and treat anxiety. Rue is often used for spiritual protection and hex breaking. 

OBSRVNC original photo. Rights reserved.

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Radiate Like the Sun(Flower) this Leo Season

It’s summer and it’s HOT! It’s Leo season in New York, which means that the sun is at home in its firey zodiac of Leo the lion; the sun is Leo’s planetary ruler.

The sun is our life force; it’s a major luminary for us on Earth. Energetically, it represents yang energy (masculinity), enlightenment, creative force, and movement. The sun shines a light on all situations and encourages us to tap into our nature to be seen, to share our gifts with the world. During Leo season, we must remember the importance of radiating and standing tall like the sunflower.

The sunflowers rely on their thick stalks to carry the nutrients they need in order to grow gloriously towards the sun. They’re a symbol of upliftment, joy, beauty, and LIFE! With the colors green, gold, yellow, and orange (with earthy brown to complement), the flower is a symbol of vitality, strength, happiness, and good fortune.

Sunflowers help brighten the day — and they’re a wonderful reminder of just how beautiful the sunshine is! Work with sunflowers to bring positive energy and happiness into your life, especially during Leo season, so you can harvest more of its benefits.

3 simple ways you can incorporate sunflower magic into your life:

  • Create bouquets with sunflowers and other summer flowers (roses, calendula, and lilies).
  • Add sunflowers to your ancestor altar (or for your solar deity, prosperity or beauty altar).
  • Include sunflower petals in a spiritual bath or in an herbal dressing for candles.
Ruled by the sun, sunflowers are a flower of Leo Season

All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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3 Herbs for Self-Care This Cancer Season

How are you nurturing yourself this summer?

Apatite Bracelet Handmade by Me – Shop OBSRVNC

After spending so much time running around and socializing during Gemini season, Cancer season calls for us to chill for a bit and nurture ourselves and our homes. It’s time to slow down and reconnect with self; it’s time to water our gardens, essentially.

Ruled by the moon, and represented by the crab, Cancer is a water sign that encourages you to embrace your feminine energies. This could mean sitting with your emotions, allowing yourself to be more receptive, spending time in nature, and going inward. As you spend time with your thoughts, you may always want to make yourself some tea and connect to the magical and healing benefits offered by herbs that are appropriate for this season.

Below, I’ve listed some wonderful herbs for Cancer season: Mugwort, Oat straw, and Passionflower

3 Herbs for Cancer Season

Mugwort: Named after the moon goddess Artemis (mugwort’s official name is artemisia vulgaris), mugwort is a great herb for vivid dreaming. It also aids digestion by improving liver function and bile production, and can even stimulate a poor appetite. Additionally, mugwort can stimulate menstruation and may relieve some cramping and pain. *Can add to dream pillows/sachets.

Oats/Oat straw: (Honestly one of my favorites). Ruled by the moon – oat straw is great for its nutritive properties. It’s a great aid for restoring nerves, connective tissue, and skin. Also really good for bone support.

Oat straw has a mild taste and can be mixed with plenty of other herbs without being distracting. I recently made an oat straw infusion to add to my skincare routine. Oat straw can be found in my Anti-inflammatory + Immunity Booster tea and my Brain Boost + Mood Elevation Herbal tea.

Passionflower: This herb can have a sedative effect, helping to relieve insomnia, anxiety, and irritability for both adults and children. Since it relaxes the body, it can also be used to stimulate libido if you’re generally too high-strung to relax and enjoy yourself. *Can be used as an aid to protect against an angry individual with malicious intent.

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Use Mercury-Ruled Herbs to Support Your Mind and Nervous System

In my most recent newsletter, I discussed the relationship between Gemini and Mercury, being that Mercury is the planet that rules Gemini, the masculine air sign. Since Geminis are often related to socialization, speaking, communication, and curiosity — it makes sense that Mercury is its ruler.

Mercury is actually quite the powerhouse of a planet; it creates systems for communications and rules our nervous system, which is our body’s own communication highway. This planet’s energy is about mental capabilities — quick wit, thinking, opinions, logic; along with commerce, and transportation. That’s why when Mercury goes retrograde, we have to be extra cognizant of the way we handle our daily tasks.  

Support Mercurian Energies Through Nutrition

Work with herbs such as rosemary, fenugreek, and mullein to infuse more Mercury energy into your life. Foods ruled by Mercury include carrots, quinoa, and mushrooms; they are helpful in keeping us energetically light. 

Mercury deficiency can lead to brain fog, confusion, anxiety, and even physical weariness.

Remember that good health also means you need to keep your mind sharp and maintain enriching relationships in your life. 

🌱 3 Herbs Ruled by Mercury

Marjoram: is a part of the mint family and a sub-species of oregano, so you can easily cook with it. This Mercury-ruled herb is a nervine, which helps strengthen the nervous system and calm anxiety. It’s a calming herb for overstimulation. Marjoram has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and can be used to help regulate menstrual cycles and hormonal imbalances in women.

Parsley: another herb most of us have used in cooking, parsley is rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. With continued use, parsley can also help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Parsley is also believed to be used as an aid for fertility, luck, strength, and even protection.

Fenugreek: is a hypoglycemic herb – it can be used to help lower blood sugar, which is helpful for supporting pre-diabetes + diabetes, or insulin-resistance illnesses. Reach for fenugreek to soothe mucus membranes and the digestive tract. This helps heal and soothe leaky gut syndrome, ulcers, and other lining-based intestinal issues.

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Flower Blooms Bring Bees

I’m loving all of the blooms that I’m surrounded by this spring! The end of May and June has brought an abundance of floral, arboreal, and herbal blooms here in Brooklyn. Thanks to gardens and green spaces at parks, parkways, the beach, and people’s yards — we’ve got so much of nature’s beauty to appreciate on almost every block.

There have been plenty of buzzing visitors, and it’s always such a pleasure to watch the bees hoover in and about the pollen. When you look at them close enough, you can usually see pollen on their little fuzzy legs (especially the bumblebees). It’s such a delight!

Thank you, to the bees. You are loved 🐝💚

All photography captured by Brandyce. All rights reserved.

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Keep it Light During this Warm, Airy, Season

Gemini season is here! That means we’re getting closer to summer and this has been a major boost to my vibe after a lonnnggg winter in Brooklyn. Gemini brings the heat and is a quick-witted, talkative, and movement-oriented air sign.

Ruled by Mercury, this sign enjoys communicating, knows how to stay busy, and likes to DO things because of its masculine nature.

Gemini and its dual nature are also prone to change like the wind. Though this may label their energy as somewhat flighty and unpredictable, they can also be quite adaptable. This is actually a common trait among mutable signs. Mutable signs bring the end of a season, therefore they’re familiar with change and have the ability to “wrap things up,” so to speak. Gemini is the in-between sign that prepares our spirits and bodies for the summer (mutable signs are placed in-between seasons).

Eat Light Foods During Gemini Season

With all of this buzzing about in the air — it’s important to stay mindful of our health and nutrition during this transition. Gemini season calls for us to chomp on the greens and light animal protein; I’m thinking — nutritious salads with grilled shrimp or chicken kind of meal. Definitely indulge in fruits and vegetables of the season; I’m already seeing plenty of watermelon on the market around Brooklyn.

To work with the flowy energy of Gemini, I suggest eating foods that allow you to move with more ease and not feel as heavy. Substitute some of your snacks for blackberries, oranges, grapes, veggies with hummus, and the likes! Drink water and maybe even substitute a meal for a nutritious smoothie. Tap into Gemini’s curious energies and try some new smoothie or juice recipes.

All photos captured by Brandyce of OBSRVNC.comall rights reserved.

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Call in Love and Self-Healing with These 3 Herbs for Taurus Season

Taurus season is coming to an end and I reviewed its energy in my monthly newsletter (where I discuss astrology, wellness insights, seasonal herbs, and more) — and I also shared a few herbs of the season. SO – before we fully jump into Gemini season, I want to review the herbs of Taurus I shared in my newsletter.

The herbs I felt called to highlight were violets, cleavers, and marshmallow (root). I have personally seen violets and cleavers in bloom here in Brooklyn, and I happened to start incorporating marshmallow root powder in my coffee during Taurus season. I actually found out that it’s an herb ruled by Venus — which is the planet that rules Taurus, so I decided to include it in the round-up!

In general, Venusian elixirs/herbs promote balance and harmony within ourselves and how we relate to others. Given the Taurean nature to appreciate the beauty and the finer things in life, working with the right herbs can help someone who’s looking to refine their charm, create love oils/spells, improve their relationships, and even their sense of fashion.

Here are 3 Taurus Season Herbs to Become Familiar With:

Violets: a Venus-ruled plant that is in full bloom during Taurus season. It’s a wild herb that can easily be found like dandelions. Violets are helpful for lymphatic drainage and dry mucus membranes. Violets have a moistening property to them. They can be used for love or compassion workings — when looking to attract something without forcing it.

Cleavers: also in full bloom during Taurus season are cleavers, herbs that grow amongst lush greenery. Known for its tendency to stick to hair, clothes, people — it can be used for those looking to balance their attachments in relationships. It also acts as a diuretic to cleanse the system, serving as a great ally for kidney health.  

Marshmallow Root: due to its moistening properties, this Venus-ruled herb is good for dry coughs and colds. It’s also helpful for gut health: leaky gut syndrome, IBS, and autoimmune disorders (which can also be due to gut issues). Marshmallow is often used in fertility and attraction spells and associated with Venusian deities of love and beauty.

I look forward to sharing more astrology/elemental-based wellness information on the blog. But of course, you can find bonus content in the newsletter, so sign up below!

All photos captured by Brandyce of, all rights reserved.

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Enjoy the Blooms of Taurus Season

We’re in the heart of spring while in Taurus season and one of the themes connected to this earthly, Venus-ruled zodiac is that of connecting to the physical pleasures around us.

Dig your toes in the lush green grass, smell the beautiful flowers in bloom, feel the warmth of the sun on your exposed skin (though to be honest, that’s been kind of difficult in Brooklyn this Spring 😒).

Here’s a visual reminder to reconnect with nature and pour into yourself. Seems like the current times of the world are calling for us to go deeper into ourselves to create peace. I love to enjoy solitude while outdoors, so below, I’ve shared some of my nature shots during my excursions.

Enjoy the Venusian energy!

All photography captured by Brandyce, all rights reserved.

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Have You Seen These Three Medicinal Herbs (“Weeds”) in the Northeast?

When I say New York City — what do you envision? Skyscrapers, lots of people, stores, crowds, concrete. I’m so sure. My hometown of NYC certainly has plenty of bright lights and activities to keep you busy, but did you know that there are so many parks and lots of designated green spaces as well?

With all of the nature spots and the vacant lots of land across the boroughs, there is actually an abundance of healing herbs that can be found in New York City. In my own personal experiences throughout Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn — I’ve seen a range of herbal medicine growing uncared for, and this includes common weeds like dandelion, shepherd’s purse, and plantain, which grow along concrete cracks.

Today, I want to explore 3 weeds that may be overlooked but are common in New York City (and they’re good for you!)

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel in Prospect Park, Brooklyn (captured by me).

Did you know that this is actually witch hazel? As in, the stuff that’s used for skin toners. Yup! When I first took this picture in Prospect Park, I didn’t know that. I just happened to stumble across the connection during research one day! Witch hazel is an incredibly powerful plant with numerous medicinal properties.

Both the leaves and bark are made into teas, ointments, and more. As an herbal drink, it can help with respiratory illnesses, sore throats, and can soothe inflammation in various parts of the body, including the skin. Of course, you can also apply witch hazel directly onto your skin to soothe inflammation and cleanse.

This unique-looking plant is known to be an astringent; it does a great job of easing inflammation and soothing sensitive skin. It’s also great for acne-prone skin.

Red Clover

Red Clover in Central Park (captured by me)

Red clover can most likely be spotted in a field of grass. I tend to see them more in the summer, here in NYC (I shot this photo the first week of October in Central Park). Historically, red clover was used for asthma, whooping cough, cancer, and gout. But you can also find it as a recommended herb for women’s supportive health. Red clover has plant-based chemicals (phytoestrogens) that act like estrogen, so many women may turn to this herb for hormonal balance and support.

Like many other herbs, red clover is also rich in antioxidants to help reduce inflammation and help eradicate free radicals from the bloodstream; these free radicals cause oxidative stress in our bodies (so it’s great for anti-aging benefits). ANDDD not to mention, red clover is useful for heart health because it has blood-thinning properties which can help improve circulation and blood flow. In addition, it’s great for helping to reduce high cholesterol levels.


Goldenrod in Central Park, NYC (captured by me).

Now, if you’re looking for a diuretic herb to help fight off urinary tract infections and to get rid of kidney stones, I’d suggest working with goldenrod. Goldenrod is usually found alongside roads, in empty lots, and basically wherever wild weeds are growing. You can find Goldenrod in bloom during the late summer into the fall. Here, I took this photo of goldenrod at Central Park in the first week of October.

Goldenrod is known to increase urine flow and thus, is often used to wash out bacteria from the urinary tract while also soothing the inflamed tissues and calming muscle spasms. Additionally, goldenrod can be used for respiratory issues, similar to red clover above. Folks may reach for goldenrod tea to fight the common cold, flu, and even bronchitis.


I look forward to sharing more common “weeds” that are popping up this spring and have medicinal benefits such as blue grape hyacinth, shepherd’s purse, and more!

All photography captured by Brandyce, all rights reserved.

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3 Herbs Ruled by Mars for Health Benefits

Happy New Year!

Aries season is here! With Spring comes a new zodiac cycle, initiated by Aries — which is ready to usher us into new energies.

NOWW is time to embrace the gung-ho energy of the new year! Not during January, when nature is barren… that just doesn’t make sense. It’s during the Spring equinox when we embody forward-moving energy.

Aries, the ruler of the “I am” concept, is a fiery masculine sign that’s all about self, exploration, and leadership. It also harnesses the Mars energy to embody the traits of being ambitious, courageous, and driven. Mars will stimulate that INNER FIRE!

If you need a little extra oomph through this transition into spring, infuse some Mars-ruled herbal teas. The three plants below work with Mars’s principle of action — which is something I need a little more of after this sleepy winter!

*Combine a with a Solar ruled herb like calendula or St Johns’s wort for even more fiery stimulation.

3 Martian Herbs for Health Benefits

(Stinging) Nettles: Nettle is a plant that’s ruled by Mars and it has little furry hairs that sting (sort of like Aries). This herb flourishes during Aries season and can help cool the constitution of those who are prone to anger and quick tempers. Nettle can be a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which are great for supporting the immune system.  

Coriander: The leaves of coriander are known as cilantro and the seeds can be used for incense burning, curries, pickling spices, and even in sausages. Also ruled by Mars, this herb has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can be used to treat digestive issues and relieve joint pain.

Barberry: Another antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant herb ruled by Mars, barberry can be an aid with digestion and colon cleansing. It has been shown to help smooth the muscles in your intestine lining which helps to reduce gastrointestinal pains. 

All photography rights reserved.

You can find St. John’s wort to help improve your mood and assist with feelings of mild depression in my Brain Boost + Mood Elevation Herbal Tea.

Improve cognitive function and enhance your mood without reaching for coffee with the help of Chaga and dandelion root.

*St. John’s wort is known to interfere with depression and other medications

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Keep the Faith This Pisces Season

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
– Albert Einstein

It’s an interesting time that we’re living in. And being that we’re currently in Pisces season, the ability to tap into the collective consciousness is amplified. Pisces the feminine water sign, is ruled by Neptune and the 12th house. So this sign’s energy and house are about spirituality, transcendence, and faith.

During challenging times it’s important to keep our faith, and Pisces can be good at this. They’re actually so good at carrying their beliefs that sometimes they lack objectivity and fall into traps of delusion (which is why Neptune is a planet that can sometimes be a struggle to work with, because it may place a bit of a dreamy/out-of-touch view on a situation).

It seems that as the days and months go by, we’re presented with more information that challenges our concepts of reality on an individual and societal level. What’s really happening? Who are we? Why are we here? How should we be feeling? Dealing with such an other-worldly vibe can be overwhelming.

Connect with the Spiritual Realm if You Feel Called, but Protect Your Energy and Find Grounding.

It’s important to stay grounded during this time and do your best to understand your feelings so that you don’t confuse others’ energies for your own. It’s also worth noting that Pisces rules the feet — which in itself, indicates that it’s important to not get too caught up with our desires to escape, and slip into the ethereal.

You can work with smoky quartz during this time to transmute negative energies and protect from psychic attacks — in addition, it can help transform your dreams into reality (and this is a wonderful time to work with dreams).

If you’re willing to lean into the Piscean vibe — take note of your dreams, find herbal teas that enhance your visions, spend more time meditating, and work with a crystal like amethyst to increase your intuition, your connection to the Divine Feminine, and inner wisdom.

Fortify yourself, be creative, sit with yourself, and remember… discernment is key!

All photos were captured by me. All rights reserved.

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6 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Divine Feminine

The world is in chaos and disarray. How have we gotten here?

I’d guess it’s because of a multitude of factors, right? It seems like many of us have become disconnected from who we are at our true essence. As human beings, a lot of us are out of touch with nature, we’re living in a world that’s run by powerful people with whom we have no connection, we’re working more than we’re resting, and our systems prevent us from nurturing our divine essence; the Divine Feminine that lives in us all.

There’s so much competition, a lot of masculine-based behaviors; there’s the need to always “do” and “be on,” like that annoying refrigerator that won’t stop humming. I think many of us aren’t living in alignment with who we truly are, and thus we lose some of our dreams, we rely less on our own intuitions, and focus too much on logic and reason while also neglecting the heart’s desires.

I’m here to remind you that it isn’t a bad thing to listen to your heart; it’s a pretty big organ with an important job to keep us alive.

Have You Fed Your Divine Feminine?

I believe we are cosmic beings, that we’re souls who are here on earth to learn how to transcend experiences and other important lessons for growth. I believe our life on Earth is perhaps one pit stop before moving on to another. And as we navigate this life and all of its unseen energies and forces, it’s helpful to remember that we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. The goal is to find a balance between the two.

We experience burnout because we’ve let the masculine take over. We get stuck in our heads because we’re trying to be so logical and make sense out of things. I’m starting to learn that a lot of life is about learning how to let go, how to receive, how to be still … and then know when to take action.

Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. If we’re so busy working all the time, we aren’t our best selves and our cup is probably running on empty. Then we don’t have much of ourselves to pour into others: our family, friends, colleagues, community, etc. So, I encourage you to take time to develop a healthy relationship with your Divine Feminine; if you’re not already doing so.

Become your own best friend. Learn how to feel into your emotions without letting them run the show. Take time to reflect, connect with your inner wisdom, be more present, and care for yourself. When our Divine Feminine is balanced, we don’t feel guilty for enjoying leisure, sensual activities, and saying no to the things that don’t serve our highest good.

You can connect more with your divine feminine by:

🌿 Spending time in nature

🌹 Surrounding yourself with high vibrational flowers (like roses!)

🎨 Creating art or going to a museum/gallery to view

🧖🏽‍♀️Nourishing your body with high-quality lotions, oils, and butters

🧘🏽‍♀️Meditating, journaling, and spending some time with yourself in a calming environment.

⭐️ Working with crystals:

Rhodonite: known for its ability to aid while working through emotional wounds and traumas. As a stone of compassion, it’s great to use while healing issues from the past but also bringing in nurturing love. (Shop my Rhodonite healing bracelet)

Rose Quartz: known as the “love stone” it helps balance anger and helps assist with issues of love, emotions, and mental health. (Shop my Rose Quartz healing bracelet)

Amethyst: helps to connect to your intuition and develop insight. It’s great for third eye support, especially during meditation. (Shop my Amethyst healing bracelet)

Unakite: contains green and pink for heart chakra support. A beautiful stone for seeking healing and balance.

All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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How’s That Heart of Yours “Beeting?”

Did you know that heart disease is still the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? Yepp. Unfortunately, it’s way too common that Americans are experiencing chest pain, strokes, atherosclerosis, and heart attack. The more common risk factors of heart disease are often experienced as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

And, as I’ve shared in a previous post, navigating heart disease risks is something I’ve dealt with before. In my twenties, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Though I wasn’t overweight or diabetic, I didn’t always eat the healthiest and I wasn’t as active as I should have been. Heart health became a big concern for me after I found out that my LDL levels were high, while also knowing that heart disease runs in my family. I wanted to take care of this issue before it became a problem.

Your Health is Impacted by More Than Just Your Genetic Predispositions

My Beetroot smoothie for heart health

Just because we have predispositions for a disease doesn’t mean we’ll automatically “get it.” We have to do our best to reduce events that would trigger the onset of these illnesses. Through our lifestyle and environmental factors, we can greatly impact the outcome of our health, despite our genetic predispositions.

SO––as I was studying to become a holistic nutritionist, sections around heart health were especially interesting to me. At some point, I stumbled upon the power of beets. Beets are vegetable roots that are incredibly nutritious and add a beautiful vibrant red color to any dish. They can be eaten raw in a salad or smoothie or roasted and sauteed in a heart-warming meal. When I learned about beets and their relationship to nitric oxide––I was intrigued!

Interested in Improving Your Stamina? Beetroot Juice!

Beets have a high concentration of nitrates, and in the body, the nitrates are converted to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a compound that dilates blood vessels, helps to regulate blood pressure, and improves circulation. When you increase your nitric oxide intake, you can have better quality sleep and even enhance athletic performance!

Since beetroot juice is known for its ability to improve stamina and energy, I tried a beetroot smoothie before working out one day and noticeably felt the difference! I drank my smoothie for about an hour and some change before working out, and I felt almost unstoppable in the gym. I legitimately noticed the difference in my endurance and energy levels. It felt too good to be true, and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

root vegetables I captures at a grocery store: beets and carrots

Here are some other great benefits of beets:

  • Rich in folate, a vitamin that’s crucial for growth, development, and heart health (which is why it’s recommended for pregnant women, especially in the early stages)
  • Beets contain phytonutrients known as betalains, which have an incredible amount of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants (can be lost if you cook beets too long, though).
  • Great source of fiber, which helps to improve digestive health and promotes regular bowel movements. This is a good vegetable for those who deal with constipation or diverticulitis.

Beets are like a wonder root/vegetable! And perhaps the word is getting around, as I have seen more beet-based supplements and snacks in grocery stores … but are beets ever going to have a moment like kale? Funny how some vegetables seem to have their moment right?

Delicious Beet Smoothie Ingredients:

  • (1 medium beet) Beet
  • 1 tangerine
  • ½ peeled carrot
  • 1 whole or ½ Green Apple
  • A few chunks of Pineapple
  • Small slice of Ginger 
  • Squirt of some lime
  • Irish seamoss

Do you know where you stand when it comes to your heart health? I encourage you to take THIS TEST from the Mayo Clinic to calculate your Heart Disease Risk (it’s good if you have your cholesterol levels + blood pressure info on hand. But try it!)

All images were captured by me. All rights reserved.

Eat for your heart health and work with crystals to open your heart chakra.  One of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work is Rose Quartz, which opens the heart to all types of love – love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Because it is a type of quartz, Rose Quartz does have a high energy, but its vibe is also calming and soothing. Shop Rose Quartz bracelets here.

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Can You Feel the Change of Seasons Upon Us?

Winter is the barren season. It’s when we nurture ourselves, reflect, and slow down. Our patriarchal society wants us to constantly be one way when the matriarchal flow of nature is about cycles. Though I still understand the need to take things easy during this time (because it’s still hella cold), I can sense change coming in the air.

We just had a snowstorm in Brooklyn and it’s been rather cold the past week or two. BUT I recall that a few days ago, I shared with my partner that I could smell spring in the distance. I said … there might still be some snow because it can snow in March, but it just feels and smells different.

What’s interesting is that I JUST saw that February 1st (end of Jan thru early Feb) is the time when the Gaelic festival of Imbolc is celebrated. From what I gathered, Imbolc is about honoring the flame of Brigid, the Irish goddess of fertility, healing, poetry, midwifery, and even silversmithing.

Apparently, Brigid is associated with the beacon of light for the spring, and the keeper of the flame that warms the hearth. She brings the spark of life. This celebration is about the anticipation of the life to come; the bountiful energy simmering beneath the surface. I’ve been able to become more connected to the life and environment around me. I feel more in tune with the circle of life and it’s beautiful!

With this post, I want to honor some of the different views of the winter. The raw, yet moist view of this season, and the wintry landscapes in which snow makes even the most ordinary scene look magical.

I also want to honor this time which allows us to hone our connection to nature in a deeper way. Perhaps your sense of smell or hearing becomes enhanced because you’re less distracted by the beautiful sites of flowers and trees in bloom. Have you noticed any differences in your perceptions?

Winter isn’t as fun for me to observe but it brings its own benefits and beauty. It allows me to appreciate stillness, structure, and the bare necessities.

female cardinal in Brooklyn

All photos captured by me. All rights reserved.

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Let’s Talk Health Care and Herbs: I’m a Holistic Nutritionist!

Hey y’all!

Let me ask you something…

How seriously do you take your health?
How seriously do you take your wellness?
Do you carve out time to move your body?
To drink fruit/veggies juices or smoothies? To take your supplements or drink nourishing herbs?

Taking care of our bodies and mental wellness should always be a priority. Your body is your temple.

Captured by me at Union Square Market

On this blog, I speak a lot about health and wellness, astrology, energy, and herbs. I recently became an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist because I wanted to learn more about how to heal the body through improved eating habits and lifestyle changes. Through consistent dedication to eating better, shifting thoughts/mindsets, and intentionally including more herbal infusions into your day, you can absolutely change your overall wellbeing. I have experienced it myself.

I previously spoke on how being more physically active, doing cardio-based exercises, drinking heart-focused herbal teas, and modifying my diet vastly improved my heart health and health in general. With the consistent intake of Vitamin D supplements, my blood tests indicated that I was no longer Vitamin D deficient, and that was an issue I struggled with for years. It wasn’t until I fully understood the role that Vitamin D deficiency plays in our overall health and nutrition did I take my supplemental intake seriously.

Do Your “Healthcare” Providers Actually CARE About Your HEALTH?

My lifestyle changes also contributed to lowering my LDL cholesterol, an issue that plagued me for at least two years. And the thing is, my doctors asked general questions about my health, but no one actually guided me in a way that would improve these conditions.

Old picture of me diving into a pool — staying active by swimming

They didn’t ask if I went to the gym, though they asked about my diet — they didn’t tell me that in general, the Standard American Diety (SAD) was a contributing factor to my conditions. I know that many of my poor breakfast decisions like bagels toasted with cream cheese, cereal with cow’s milk, and bacon egg and cheeses on a roll certainly weren’t helpful. [I’m from NYC, guys. Bagels were LIFE].

But I never had REAL conversations about nutrition. About being physically active, about herbs to include in my diet, and about stress-reducing techniques to also help ease the body into homeostasis.

We didn’t discuss reducing milk and dairy, and sugar. These are all commonly known factors of increased inflammation in the body, but it certainly hadn’t been openly discussed with me; I had to do my own research in understanding what worked for me. And I want to stress that improving health and wellness starts with the compounding of LITTLE things. It’s the small decisions along the way.

Small Decisions can Lead to Greater Health Results

YOU can decide to:

– stop adding sugar to your coffee (or to cut caffeine completely),
– switch from dairy to plant-based milk,
– reduce or eliminate cheese,
– introduce a meatless meal into your day,
– consciously incorporate fruit or vegetables,
– make an effort to drink more water.

These are the realistic goals I want to help people reach through my nutrition consultation sessions! I look forward to adding this option to start working with folks in the coming spring. I’m so excited to help people find daily practices and herbs that work for them 💚

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Rebuilding the Body with Burdock Root and Broth!

After all of the holiday season eating I did in December, I noticed my body’s need for increased intentional care in January. With the cold weather settling in here in Brooklyn, I have become more deliberate in nourishing my body with herbs, broths, and vegetables. I’m slowly re-centering and recalibrating my body (in both nutrition and ways of movement/yoga, fitness, etc.)  I want to assist my body during its process of eliminating toxins, improving blood flow, and metabolizing minerals and vitamins.

I had way too many sweetbreads, carbs, and other foods that I love and typically enjoy in moderation. I gave myself permission to indulge with the knowledge that January would be time to rebuild.

Bone Broth for Gut Health

So, I’ve been drinking warm bone broth to invite more vitamins, collagen, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory benefits into my body and gut. There are claims that bone broth is great for gut health, which also improves your overall health and mood because when your gut’s microbiome (second brain) is healthy, it sends positive signals to your brain which also helps improve your mood and overall well being. This is critical, especially considering the changes in mood that occur due to lack of sunlight during the winter. 

Burdock Root for Cleansing

Additionally, I’ve increased my intake of detox-promoting herbs to help cleanse my liver and blood. I have been drinking more burdock root and stinging nettles tea. Burdock is a wild herb, and the whole plant itself is edible, but the root is the most beneficial part of the herb. I love burdock because it helps to detox the liver, cleanse the blood, and balance hormones. Burdock and dandelion root were two herbs that I first started using when trying to figure out how to win my battle with adult acne. I’ve continued to honor these herbs ever since.

Burdock root + Burdock root herbal tea

Burdock root is very earthy and has a bitter taste, but it can also be used in a base for making broths and soups and can serve as a nice coffee substitute for those who want a little boost without the caffeine.

Go ahead and find some burdock root so you can introduce more fatty acids, inulin (a prebiotic fiber), and antioxidants into your body!

What herbs and remedies do you like to incorporate in your healing and rebuilding process?

All images/photos captured by me. All rights reserved.

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3 Weekend Rituals to Get Closer to Self and Spirit

Feed your soul by connecting with the divine in whatever way works for you––this could be meditation, prayer, gratitude practice or other spiritual practice, connecting with nature, or simply affirming the benevolent nature of the universe.

Pip Walker, Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care

During the weekends, I like to spend more dedicated time indulging in my spiritual rituals. This is when I’m able to be more focused and intentional with honoring myself and conducting ancestor veneration work. These moments tend to occur in the rising and allow me to set a peaceful tone to my day.

I don’t spend wasteless time scrolling through social media, I arise with a feeling of gratitude and become much more present in the moment. I feel so uplifted after smoke cleansing, communing with my altar, and pulling cards/journaling.

Smoke Cleansing + Vibe Setting

My spiritual rituals usually consist of burning incense or resin. I’ll go for resin if I feel I’m going to have a particularly lengthy session with my altar and ancestor meditations. I like to burn either frankincense or myyrh to purify the energy of the space but also call in spiritual medicine and healing.

Myrrh is one of my favorite resins because it’s so delicate, slightly sweet, and also very distinct; it certainly carries an ancient scent and I love working with it. Myrrh is a great resin to burn for those looking to incorporate more magical aromatherapy and fire rituals into their lives.

Altar Time + Ancestor Veneration

When I spend time at my altar in the risings, I like to be receptive to any messages I might receive while also sipping my coffee. So as I prepare my drink, I also pour some black coffee as an offering to my ancestors (along with a cup of water, and I’ll typically have flowers on the altar). I use my ancestor altar to strengthen my connection to the spiritual world. As we navigate this earthly realm, I think it’s important to develop a personal connection to the other side. When you communicate with your ancestors and spirit guides, you’re able to form spiritual allies, ask for protection, and even potentially gain wisdom.


Additionally, I like to use the morning time to do a deep dive journal session. Sometimes, I’ll journal after I’ve meditated and spent some time clearing my head. Sometimes, I’ll pull tarot or oracle cards and sit with the messages that I receive. I’ve always found journaling to be useful when sorting through my thoughts, to keep a record of things happening in life, and jot down any patterns in my life that I’ve been noticing.

How do you connect to yourself or the world around you in a way that feels truly beneficial? Share with me in the comments!

All rights reserved on my photography. All photos captured by me.

Ancestor Healing Crystal Kit

Are you on a path of healing ancestral traumas and wounds? Looking to open up your heart chakra and connect more deeply with yourself? The pairing of desert rose, rhodonite, and unakite are great stones to work with on this journey; this is especially great for beginners!

Learn more about this Ancestor Healing Crystal Kit that I’ve curated specifically for this journey on my Etsy.

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