“You’ll be the Lion and You’ll be the Deer” — Gemini Season and Our Dualistic Nature

I came across a message from a Rumi card pulled I once pulled in my “Rumi Oracle: An Invitation into the Heart of the Divine” deck and it sparked a thought related to Gemini Season.

“When you enter the garden of the heart, you become fragrant like the rose.
When you fly toward Heaven, you become graceful like the angel.
If you get burned like oil, you become brilliant.
When you become thin like hair in yearning, your joy leads the way.

You’ll be the kingdom and the king.
You’ll be paradise and the guardian angel.
You’ll be infidelity, and you’ll be faith.
You’ll be the lion, and you’ll be the deer.”

#22. The Lion and the Deer

The quote above reminds me of the duality of ourselves. We can be capable of such great things, we can light the way for ourselves and others, and we can be such loving beings. And then there are those moments in life where we stumble, we’re humbled, and we have lessons to learn. Perhaps during these times we aren’t able to light the way as strongly as we’d like. It is because of some of these low moments, that we’re better able to appreciate the highs and understand the cyclical nature of life.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

While pondering on our dualistic nature, I thought about the symbolic reference of Gemini, the twins, and how they represent two halves of a whole. They can often be high energy but prone to laziness, conscious of the future but stuck on the past, social but also a bit distant– friendly and sometimes moody. They represent the duality within us.

Though we often discuss shadow work during Scorpio season, I’ve found that during this particular Gemini season, which granted us an Eclipse portal, I have been faced with things in my shadow that I still haven’t fully worked through; there seems to always be a part of myself that is in conflict.

But life is an ongoing journey for self-improvement — the shadow work never stops.

I appreciate the message in the Rumi card because it reminds us to consider that everything is about a matter of perspective. No matter where this life takes us, we can CHOOSE to be the greatness. It’s about making a conscious decision, and accepting that Spirit will always lead the way.

All photography captured by me. All rights reserved.

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