Take Things One Day at a Time

This Virgo season, I feel like I’m still getting my footing on the ground after a bit of a shake-up from Leo season. Something about the energy this summer felt unusually draining. I had high-intensity moments of euphoria, and days where I felt like I was literally walking through fog and had no concept of time.

It was odd.

Through it all, I maintained my connection to my altar and my divination practices, spent time working on my shop, journaled, and even got better with meditation. Now that Virgo season/September is here, I once again feel a slight buzzing of pressure. Do you?

I feel like folks are still programmed to operate within the “new year” portals. We have just been enjoying summer and now that September is here, we’re all expected to snap back into something. I understand the energy we’re in, and I’m also in no rush to act like I’ve all of a sudden got my shit together because Ms. Virgo has stepped on the scene.

I have definitely gotten the hints from Virgo season to really be back on my Ps and Qs about my health though, because there are some things that I’ve let slide. And in case you didn’t know, aside from simply being analytical and organized, Virgo wants us to pay attention to our health. Take it a day at a time and drink your water, take your supplements, and really — do what you can to get your nutrients!

For now, I’m enjoying the smell and the feel of the late summer breeze. I continue to take note of the weeds that grow through the concrete, because life persists. Notice it, connect to it. Find the stillness inside.

All images captured by me.

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2 responses to “Take Things One Day at a Time”

  1. Alice DeForest Avatar

    September is my birth month and I have always paid attention to my health. I never took the time to learn about astrology, sounds interesting

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    1. B Avatar

      Hi Alice! Yes, when it comes to astrology, Virgo has an emphasis on your overall approach to work, your wellbeing, hygiene, schedules, and responsibilities. It’s a time where you pay closer attention to how your environment is shaping your life (which also includes your health). Since September has a largely Virgo presence (with Libra towards the end), this is where the energies are amplified!
      I appreciate your comment, thank you 🙂

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