Detox and Reduce Inflammation with Dandelion Root

Now that we’re in Fall and the weather has begun to shift, I’m spending more time maintaining my health with herbal infusions. Something about the cool morning breeze makes having an herbal tea after my morning coffee way more enjoyable!

Lately, I have found myself constantly reaching for one of my favorite herbs, dandelion root. And yes, this is the literal root from dandelions, those “pesky weeds” that you’re encouraged to remove or kill with RoundUp (ugh). Dandelion is actually a highly nutritious plant. From root to flower, dandelion is jam packed with the minerals, fiber, and vitamins that our bodies need for optimal function and detoxification. 

As we head into cold & flu season, I want to prep my body to develop a strong immunity by clearing out unnecessary gunk and filtering out my blood. Dandelion root is a wonderful go-to for the job, and it’s also great for gut health support. All parts of the dandelion have been used in traditional medicines for centuries. But the root itself has long been used to treat inflammation of organs, joints, and swelling.

Improve Your Gut Health

Dandelion root is rich in the carbohydrate inulin, which is a type of soluble fiber found in plants that supports the growth and maintenance of a healthy bacterial flora in the intestinal tract. Many of our diseases actually start in the gut, so we need to support it accordingly with our food and nutririon. Keeping your gut microbiome in check is important to keeping a range of diseases at bay.

Reduce Inflammation

This super root also has anti-inflammatory properties to support the reduction of illness in the body. Inflammation is one of your body’s natural responses to injury or illness. Over time, excessive inflammation can lead to permanent damage to your body’s tissues and DNA. Dandelion may be effective in reducing inflammation caused by disease due to the presence of various bioactive compounds like polyphenols within the plant.

ANNDDD I love that it’s a great detox herb because its bitter compound, taraxacerin, increases the level of bile flow released by the gallbladder; this process helps improve elimination. And who doesn’t want to get the gunk out of their bodies! Value your vessel, treat it well so it can be good to you in return <3.

PS: Dandelion root also makes a nice caffeine-free substitute for coffee.

All images captured by me.

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