How Well Are You Balancing Life Right Now?

Ok y’all, it’s SPOOKY SZN, my most favorite time of year!

But, let’s talk about how October has come in with a bang…

Mercury in Retrograde has definitely been showing out this month. Look at what happened with the outage in social media and the internet. Our communications were greatly interrupted, and we saw just how transient a lot of this is.

With the outage of FB/IG on 10/4 in the midst of Libra season, the zodiac sign concerned with fairness, and justice, I started thinking about the precarious game we play with balance. Even when it comes to social media… How much time do I spend on it? Why do we give these networks so much of our attention?

Things are certainly out of balance in the world, but since so much of that is out of our control, you have to figure out what can you do to maintain the balance in YOUR world. I feel like this Rx. in Libra is really telling us to find it within ourselves to CHILL

I’ve been battling my own thoughts on what rest vs. taking action looks like for me. Sometimes, I feel guilty for the times where I simply don’t want to do shit. BUT, I’m also getting better at listening to my body because I need to find more harmony between my mind, body, and soul. 

I want you to ask yourself:

– What does balance look like in my life?
– How do I know when things are NOT in balance?
– Once I know that trigger, what are my next steps?
– Do you create time to “just be?”


🌿 Herbs and Healing of the Season

Ashwagandha: This is an adaptogenic herb, which helps brings your body back into balance; it’s perfect for Libra season. Ashwagandha is restorative and helps with building strength and stamina. 

Goldenrod: For the most part, this wild herb is flowering in abundance across the United States right now. It’s great to work with herbs that are in season. Goldenrod can be used to support the kidneys, which Libra supports (if you consider the scales + kidney on each side and the importance of those organs, you can see the connection).

Damiana: Supposedly, Ancient Greeks named the plant Damiana, aka “aphrodisiakos,” after the Goddess of love. It can be used as an aphrodisiac, and since Libra is also linked to Venus, love, and beauty, damiana is a great supportive herb for sexual function in men and women.

Observing the Cycles

As I write this newsletter in the middle of October, I notice there’s still a lot of green on the trees. The air is cooler in the risings, but it gets a bit warm during the day (and humid).

The Northeast fall foliage that so many of us love won’t be in the city until another week or so, and these photos seem to best capture the current environmental vibe of NYC at the moment. Enjoy!

*Digital prints available for sale*

Selenite Wand & Black Tourmaline

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All images captured by me.

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