Appreciating Skulls and Embracing Mortality

I’ve always found skulls to be alluring and beautiful. Yes, they represent death, but that’s a part of life. To me, death is another transformation. Nothing stays the same; everything has its cycles.

Though the global pandemic has brought more awareness to matters of illness and death, it seems that the end of life is not something that our Western society has put much emphasis on. So much of messaging here in the United States is about youthfulness, minimizing the effects of aging, and a lack of acceptance towards anything deemed “old.” How often are we encouraged to embrace the wisdom that comes with age, perhaps even grace and clarity?

Ritualize Honoring the Dead

As we inch closer towards Halloween, skulls, skeletons, and old witches are abound, and I love it! But what I also really love is the vibrant celebration of Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican/Catholic tradition of the Day of the Dead. Santa Muerte and la Catrina Calavera statues can be found in abundance during this time, symbols that remind us of our own mortality. Dia de Los Muertos is a time where folks honor and celebrate passed loved ones and ancestors. Decorating sugar skulls and placing them on cemeteries and altars is just one of the popular rituals that are part of this celebration.

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Aside from birthdays and funerals, how many of us truly spend thoughtful moments honoring those who are no longer with us? During Halloween and All Souls Day, it is believed that the veil between the physical and the spiritual is extremely thin, making it easier to communicate with those on the other side. I see it as a powerful time to connect with the benevolent energies that we can’t see but can feel, and connect with our own ancestors and spirit guides!

Use the thinning of the veil as a time to thoughtfully connect with your passed on loved ones, create altars for them, leave offerings of special items you know they like.

Ya know, the thought of sugar skulls and Halloween just reminds me how much I enjoy skeletons. They’re our framework! I love the healing aspect that skulls bring in the form of crystals, the uniqueness of each one in their various materials, and the fact that they just seems to carry an air of hidden mysteries!

All images captured by me.

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