Let’s Talk Health Care and Herbs: I’m a Holistic Nutritionist!

Hey y’all!

Let me ask you something…

How seriously do you take your health?
How seriously do you take your wellness?
Do you carve out time to move your body?
To drink fruit/veggies juices or smoothies? To take your supplements or drink nourishing herbs?

Taking care of our bodies and mental wellness should always be a priority. Your body is your temple.

Captured by me at Union Square Market

On this blog, I speak a lot about health and wellness, astrology, energy, and herbs. I recently became an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist because I wanted to learn more about how to heal the body through improved eating habits and lifestyle changes. Through consistent dedication to eating better, shifting thoughts/mindsets, and intentionally including more herbal infusions into your day, you can absolutely change your overall wellbeing. I have experienced it myself.

I previously spoke on how being more physically active, doing cardio-based exercises, drinking heart-focused herbal teas, and modifying my diet vastly improved my heart health and health in general. With the consistent intake of Vitamin D supplements, my blood tests indicated that I was no longer Vitamin D deficient, and that was an issue I struggled with for years. It wasn’t until I fully understood the role that Vitamin D deficiency plays in our overall health and nutrition did I take my supplemental intake seriously.

Do Your “Healthcare” Providers Actually CARE About Your HEALTH?

My lifestyle changes also contributed to lowering my LDL cholesterol, an issue that plagued me for at least two years. And the thing is, my doctors asked general questions about my health, but no one actually guided me in a way that would improve these conditions.

Old picture of me diving into a pool — staying active by swimming

They didn’t ask if I went to the gym, though they asked about my diet — they didn’t tell me that in general, the Standard American Diety (SAD) was a contributing factor to my conditions. I know that many of my poor breakfast decisions like bagels toasted with cream cheese, cereal with cow’s milk, and bacon egg and cheeses on a roll certainly weren’t helpful. [I’m from NYC, guys. Bagels were LIFE].

But I never had REAL conversations about nutrition. About being physically active, about herbs to include in my diet, and about stress-reducing techniques to also help ease the body into homeostasis.

We didn’t discuss reducing milk and dairy, and sugar. These are all commonly known factors of increased inflammation in the body, but it certainly hadn’t been openly discussed with me; I had to do my own research in understanding what worked for me. And I want to stress that improving health and wellness starts with the compounding of LITTLE things. It’s the small decisions along the way.

Small Decisions can Lead to Greater Health Results

YOU can decide to:

– stop adding sugar to your coffee (or to cut caffeine completely),
– switch from dairy to plant-based milk,
– reduce or eliminate cheese,
– introduce a meatless meal into your day,
– consciously incorporate fruit or vegetables,
– make an effort to drink more water.

These are the realistic goals I want to help people reach through my nutrition consultation sessions! I look forward to adding this option to start working with folks in the coming spring. I’m so excited to help people find daily practices and herbs that work for them 💚

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