Rebuilding the Body with Burdock Root and Broth!

After all of the holiday season eating I did in December, I noticed my body’s need for increased intentional care in January. With the cold weather settling in here in Brooklyn, I have become more deliberate in nourishing my body with herbs, broths, and vegetables. I’m slowly re-centering and recalibrating my body (in both nutrition and ways of movement/yoga, fitness, etc.)  I want to assist my body during its process of eliminating toxins, improving blood flow, and metabolizing minerals and vitamins.

I had way too many sweetbreads, carbs, and other foods that I love and typically enjoy in moderation. I gave myself permission to indulge with the knowledge that January would be time to rebuild.

Bone Broth for Gut Health

So, I’ve been drinking warm bone broth to invite more vitamins, collagen, amino acids, and anti-inflammatory benefits into my body and gut. There are claims that bone broth is great for gut health, which also improves your overall health and mood because when your gut’s microbiome (second brain) is healthy, it sends positive signals to your brain which also helps improve your mood and overall well being. This is critical, especially considering the changes in mood that occur due to lack of sunlight during the winter. 

Burdock Root for Cleansing

Additionally, I’ve increased my intake of detox-promoting herbs to help cleanse my liver and blood. I have been drinking more burdock root and stinging nettles tea. Burdock is a wild herb, and the whole plant itself is edible, but the root is the most beneficial part of the herb. I love burdock because it helps to detox the liver, cleanse the blood, and balance hormones. Burdock and dandelion root were two herbs that I first started using when trying to figure out how to win my battle with adult acne. I’ve continued to honor these herbs ever since.

Burdock root + Burdock root herbal tea

Burdock root is very earthy and has a bitter taste, but it can also be used in a base for making broths and soups and can serve as a nice coffee substitute for those who want a little boost without the caffeine.

Go ahead and find some burdock root so you can introduce more fatty acids, inulin (a prebiotic fiber), and antioxidants into your body!

What herbs and remedies do you like to incorporate in your healing and rebuilding process?

All images/photos captured by me. All rights reserved.

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