3 Weekend Rituals to Get Closer to Self and Spirit

Feed your soul by connecting with the divine in whatever way works for you––this could be meditation, prayer, gratitude practice or other spiritual practice, connecting with nature, or simply affirming the benevolent nature of the universe.

Pip Walker, Deeply Holistic: A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care

During the weekends, I like to spend more dedicated time indulging in my spiritual rituals. This is when I’m able to be more focused and intentional with honoring myself and conducting ancestor veneration work. These moments tend to occur in the rising and allow me to set a peaceful tone to my day.

I don’t spend wasteless time scrolling through social media, I arise with a feeling of gratitude and become much more present in the moment. I feel so uplifted after smoke cleansing, communing with my altar, and pulling cards/journaling.

Smoke Cleansing + Vibe Setting

My spiritual rituals usually consist of burning incense or resin. I’ll go for resin if I feel I’m going to have a particularly lengthy session with my altar and ancestor meditations. I like to burn either frankincense or myyrh to purify the energy of the space but also call in spiritual medicine and healing.

Myrrh is one of my favorite resins because it’s so delicate, slightly sweet, and also very distinct; it certainly carries an ancient scent and I love working with it. Myrrh is a great resin to burn for those looking to incorporate more magical aromatherapy and fire rituals into their lives.

Altar Time + Ancestor Veneration

When I spend time at my altar in the risings, I like to be receptive to any messages I might receive while also sipping my coffee. So as I prepare my drink, I also pour some black coffee as an offering to my ancestors (along with a cup of water, and I’ll typically have flowers on the altar). I use my ancestor altar to strengthen my connection to the spiritual world. As we navigate this earthly realm, I think it’s important to develop a personal connection to the other side. When you communicate with your ancestors and spirit guides, you’re able to form spiritual allies, ask for protection, and even potentially gain wisdom.


Additionally, I like to use the morning time to do a deep dive journal session. Sometimes, I’ll journal after I’ve meditated and spent some time clearing my head. Sometimes, I’ll pull tarot or oracle cards and sit with the messages that I receive. I’ve always found journaling to be useful when sorting through my thoughts, to keep a record of things happening in life, and jot down any patterns in my life that I’ve been noticing.

How do you connect to yourself or the world around you in a way that feels truly beneficial? Share with me in the comments!

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