Can You Feel the Change of Seasons Upon Us?

Winter is the barren season. It’s when we nurture ourselves, reflect, and slow down. Our patriarchal society wants us to constantly be one way when the matriarchal flow of nature is about cycles. Though I still understand the need to take things easy during this time (because it’s still hella cold), I can sense change coming in the air.

We just had a snowstorm in Brooklyn and it’s been rather cold the past week or two. BUT I recall that a few days ago, I shared with my partner that I could smell spring in the distance. I said … there might still be some snow because it can snow in March, but it just feels and smells different.

What’s interesting is that I JUST saw that February 1st (end of Jan thru early Feb) is the time when the Gaelic festival of Imbolc is celebrated. From what I gathered, Imbolc is about honoring the flame of Brigid, the Irish goddess of fertility, healing, poetry, midwifery, and even silversmithing.

Apparently, Brigid is associated with the beacon of light for the spring, and the keeper of the flame that warms the hearth. She brings the spark of life. This celebration is about the anticipation of the life to come; the bountiful energy simmering beneath the surface. I’ve been able to become more connected to the life and environment around me. I feel more in tune with the circle of life and it’s beautiful!

With this post, I want to honor some of the different views of the winter. The raw, yet moist view of this season, and the wintry landscapes in which snow makes even the most ordinary scene look magical.

I also want to honor this time which allows us to hone our connection to nature in a deeper way. Perhaps your sense of smell or hearing becomes enhanced because you’re less distracted by the beautiful sites of flowers and trees in bloom. Have you noticed any differences in your perceptions?

Winter isn’t as fun for me to observe but it brings its own benefits and beauty. It allows me to appreciate stillness, structure, and the bare necessities.

female cardinal in Brooklyn

All photos captured by me. All rights reserved.

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