Activate Your Light During the 11:11 Portal

This mystical Scorpio season of 2020 has brought us a Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio), a Taurus full moon on Halloween, and it will also herald the 11:11 portal on November 11th. Not only does the number 11 look aesthetically pleasing, but it’s actually quite steeped in divinity. 11 represents the balance of divine feminine and divine masculine energies; it represents a portal, one which brings forth creation. When you double this with 11:11, the energy is magnified.

See 11:11 on the clock? Time to make a wish!
Have you heard of this popular phrase?

In a sense, the sequence 1111 does indicate for you to be mindful of what you think, because as humans, we have the ability to manifest our thoughts and desires. It’s just that we often operate out of our subconscious, and when living in such a way, you could be missing out on manifesting the positive, abundant life that you consciously believe you want. People have claimed they start seeing 11:11 (or 1111) when they feel like they’re starting to spiritually awaken. The sight of repetitive number sequences start to tip people off to the fact that they may be able to get closer to the divine source.

Activate Love

I think this will be an interesting 11:11 portal before heading into the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st (both planets will be in the constellation of Aquarius). I’ve seen some Astrology reports indicate that this conjunction between planets on the Winter Solstice could usher in a new energy for us on the planet – the energy that brings in the age of Aquarius, of supporting humanity. This time is supposed to start rebuilding a new paradigm as the old ways of Capricorn fall.

So, why do I bring up this 12/21 conjunction with the 11:11 portal? Well, if you’d like to interpret it this way, you can use the 11:11 portal to focus on love, which is the highest vibration. Harness the energy of love! Love heals. Love heals ourselves and others. Since 11:11 is so powerful, and is typically known to be a number that assists in personal transformation, focus on operating from your highest, divine self. I know that personally, 2020 has shown me how much God is within me and that it’s beneficial to get closer to myself. To know how to love more deeply, to truly hold faith in my heart, and trust in divine order.

During this portal, we’re also encouraged to clear out any stagnant and negative energies as we step into a new level of alignment. Think about the ways you can free your mind and liberate yourself from any ways you may be holding yourself back.

Be intentional.
Be the love.

Captured at Green-wood cemetery in Brooklyn, NY, this is my artistic representation of a portal, which I thought was perfect for 11:11. The center image is a set of doors to a mausoleum in a cemetery. The side photos showcase details of the lovely ivy that frame the entrance of this gateway.

These images are for sale as 5×7 prints on my Etsy shop, Dycephotography, check it out!

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