Facing my Shadow as Mercury Retrogrades in Scorpio

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
—Carl Jung

This Mercury in Retrograde (which is in the mysterious, deep-diving sign of Scorpio), I’ve unexpectedly been hit with the task of facing some shadow aspects of myself. What’s funny is, I’m dealing with familiar themes but almost feel more awakened to them now. More triggered by them, so to speak. It’s not that these problems haven’t already existed, it’s just that now, I find myself seriously needing to change the ways I look at them, at my self. Shadow work is constant, and this year has certainly challenged many of us to see the unpleasant side of life and our role in it.

As Mercury gets pulled into this whirlwind of Scorpio’s underworld, my thoughts have been dancing with my subconscious. I’m being reminded that healing is messy, healing is not linear. Pluto, ruler of the 8th house and co-ruler of Scorpio (the other is Mars), is truly pushing me to evolve to my higher self. It wants me to break down my ego further.

With the retrograde bringing up memories from the past, I’m challenging myself to live in the present in a new way. To alchemize those patterns in to something new, something beneficial.

HOW EASY IS IT FOR US TO JUST KEEP LIVING OUT OUR OWN CYCLES OF DISCORD?! To be asleep. To not get to know ourselves and our minds intimately. I believe it is our duty to ourselves to continue to refine, to transmute, and to work on individuation.

image captured of my shadow in Beacon, NY

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