Checking the Ego During Scorpio Season

Wow, what a Scorpio season this has been in 2020! Have you felt it?

Between the full moon in Taurus on Halloween, the veil thinning, the Mercury Retrograde (with its the pull to do shadow work), Mars being in Retrograde (9/9 – 11/13), and then the 11/11 portal, I’ve been going deep within myself. I’ve been assessing things from my past that still affect my current thoughts, things I need to let go of, ways I need to open my heart more, and ways in which I limit myself. And you know what? Much of this has been triggered by conversations with others. Questioning why I react so strongly to certain things, why I revert to a childlike state in some situations, and why do I place certain limitations on myself. It’s been a lot.

8th House Ruler: Pluto is Here to Destroy and Rebuild

These themes in my life have come up during this season because Scorpio is ruled by the 8th house, home to Pluto. Scorpio is about plunging into the depths and finding out what’s behind the mask, but also about indulging in passions and serving one’s needs. By nature, a Scorpio faces an ongoing battle with itself. Because it is ruled by both Mars and Pluto, it struggles between its lower desires (Mars energy) and its higher self (Pluto).

Pluto, the planet* of destruction is a powerful force that holds more introspective energy than Mars. It pushes for transformation and ascension; it wants to break down the ego. Pluto knows what’s best while Mars just wants to take charge and get things done. Pluto is the furthest planet in the solar system, the one on the fringes, hidden in the shadows (*Pluto’s classification as a planet tends to waiver).

Pluto energy can make things uncomfortable because it wants to find the highest version of self. It wants you to shed what no longer serves you, like the snake. As much work as I do on ascending and being a better person, I often don’t even realize how much of my behavior is still ego-driven. And with this behavior, I realize there must be a fear of something deep down inside. But why? What is the root of that fear? What is the root of that feeling of lack? It can be tough to really face these parts of ourselves that we don’t want to acknowledge, but like with everything – with the good comes the bad. My aim is to continuously get better at transmuting the negative energies that don’t serve me.

The Scorpio is after all, the alchemist.

*All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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