A Time to Reflect Before Moving Forward

Happy New Year!

TBH, I don’t really recognize a new year until the Spring Equinox in March. That’s when we enter a completely new season (spring), and we enter the first zodiac sign of the wheel, Aries. But, as a collective, we’re officially in 2022. And it seems like many of us are just taking things day by day because we don’t know what to expect! Though I have seen some folks share what they’re manifesting this year, the energy as a whole still reeks of uncertainty.

THAT’s reality though, right? These past two years have shown us just how little control we have over the larger society and how our lives can be changed by someone else’s orders, mandates, etc., in an instant. Given this realization about the state of our being, I just hope that myself and others around me can continue to:

⭐ strengthen the mind and body
⭐ connect more deeply with the inner world
⭐ connect more deeply with nature
⭐ open the heart chakra
⭐ conduct continuous shadow work

With all of that said, when it comes to spirituality, and inferring energies through numbers and symbolism, I enjoy digging into numerology to get a feel for the year’s energy. Below, I look back at the numerology of 2020 and 2021 while introducing 2022’s numerology insights.

A Review of the Years in Numerology 

2020 was a #4 year [2+0+2+0]. 4 is about foundations, family, and getting on solid ground. In 2020, our foundation was literally shaken up. As we made our way through the pandemic, we saw a lot of things for what they truly were. We saw how corrupt our systems are, and the disparities between class and race were on full display; it was a lot. In 2020, the foundation of what we thought we knew was dismantled. But with destruction comes the opportunity to rebuild, and I think 2021 had us thinking about what that would look like. It had us learning lessons about family, friendship, and community. 

Given that 2021 ushered in the Age of Aquarius, so much of what we thought we knew about the world continued to be shattered. Many illusions were revealed. I know that I witnessed a lot of people struggle with relationships across the board this year.

2021 was a #5 year [2+0+2+1]. 5 indicates the relationship between humanity, life, and control. 4 brings together the totality of father, mother, and child + home. 5 is something new, and inherently presents challenges. It’s a bit of a revolutionary and forces you to confront change and the unknown. 5 asks you to be adaptable.

This is where many people struggled––because so much of an old paradigm was falling, while we were simultaneously expected to go back to “normal.”

You may have found some difficulties integrating new energies into your life during 2021. I don’t know about you, but I learned a lot of lessons about what I want out of life and the various roles I play in my relationships. There were certainly trying times, but many moments for growth as well. If you were able to grow from difficult times in 2021, you may be able to ride a wave into 2022, which encourages you to find balance and harmony. 

2022 is a #6 year [2+0+2+2]. Something has been completed; it’s time to welcome the start of a new cycle. As you cleared out the old, you have to make way for the new. This year is one of realization, and it would behoove you to pay close attention to the positive energies in your life. 6 is about harmony, relationships, moving forward, and leaving the struggles behind. Once you’re able to sort through the challenges that came from 2021, you can move ahead with some clarity.

Continue to work towards creating a better future for yourself and focus on BALANCE and maintaining your health and wellness. 2022 brings encouraging energy to look ahead and work on manifesting your true life’s goals and desires!

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