Let’s Be Grateful for Growth and the Journey

So often when we look back at our lives, we think of the BIG moments that we’re grateful for. Perhaps it was when you had your first child, landed a dream job, or finally healed yourself of a malady that was troubling you for a while … now all that you remember is that “MOMENT” happened, and it was impactful.

While these specific moments can certainly have profound effects on us, we can’t forget about all of the moments along the journey that got us to that point. We should be grateful for the fact that we create visions for ourselves and see things through.

Maybe you don’t know where your business is headed but you started that LLC process. You don’t know what the book will look like but you’re editing down your writings. You don’t know how your art show will come together but you know you’ve got a few solid pieces that you can’t wait to show off. These small decisions culminate into the bigger picture that you’re looking to step into. Don’t lose sight of the vision because follow-through is important. But be grateful for the baby steps you’ve taken.

When you go to bed, state aloud how grateful you are for all of the tools that help you attain your dreams: your laptop, internet connection, mentor, pen, notebook, couch, desk… all of the things that help facilitate your growth on this journey.

Can You See Your Evolution?

Here I am at my first-ever vendor pop-up in 2019. All I knew was that I wanted to sell my photography and handmade cards. I even brought along some of my handmade bracelets in case I could move a few.

I didn’t really have a plan and I wasn’t sure how to best merchandise my items but luckily enough, I made more sales than I expected. This experience gave me the boost I needed to do it again. It also helped me think about how to refine the process. What was my end goal? Ultimately, I decided I wanted to share beautiful handcrafted items with people that could help them cultivate memories and good vibes in their homes and lives. Thus, OBSRVNC was born (out of my own passion for observing the world around me and within me).

✨ ✨ ✨

Here I am in 2021 with my OBSRVNC pop-up table. After a continued dedication to my craft and allowing time to see my vision, I was able to birth this brand.

OBSRVNC now serves as the focused umbrella for my work of photography, crafting, herbal tea curations, and more. I am opening up the world of items and content that I create and becoming more focused on the direction of my work. I’m still in the beginning stages of this process but I’m so grateful for the journey I’ve taken along the way. I get to look back and say, YES — this is where I wanted to go but didn’t know at the time.

This is the result of my photography hobby, my love of working with my hands, my professional knowledge of marketing, my dedication to becoming a certified holistic nutritionist, my desire to heal myself, my lifelong love of occult knowledge, and so much more.

Thank you to all who have read my content this year, purchased from my Etsy, and sent words of support! I look forward to all that’s to come in the new year 💗

All photography rights reserved. All photography belongs to me.

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