The Shadow Self: Are You Aware of Your Projections?

According to Carl Jung (Jungian psychology), we all have a shadow, and it’s the unconscious aspect of our personality. Our egos choose not to identify with it; the integration of our shadow self and ego can be quite challenging.

Our shadows are our own personal “unknowns.” The parts of ourselves that we don’t want to admit to, the parts that we don’t like. Our inferior selves. It can be hard.

It’s easy to throw around the concept, “nobody is perfect,” but the hard work comes in acknowledging the flaws, or the aspects of yourself that you may attribute to your “lower self” and how you co-exist with it.

Maybe you don’t even know what these sides of you are. I found this TEDx Talk by Dr. Steve Mortenson | TEDx University of Delaware – “Projecting Your Personal Shadow.” I thought this was digestible and helpful in understanding how the shadow may show up in your day to day life. It’s less than 15 minutes and worth a listen/watch.

One of the things that really stuck with me was – “We put our unmet needs in the shadow.”

Let’s explore the nature and higher consciousness thinking…
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