Vibrate Higher in Nature

Did you know that the frequency of a city is lower than that of nature? It’s why people tend to head out of the big towns (in my case, NYC) to their weekend home; there’s a pull to escape the city rush and be some place more peaceful. It’s why we hike, swim in oceans or lakes, and enjoy nature parks. We gravitate towards these things without even realizing it.

Our souls are called to seek peace in the great outdoors. Nature has a high frequency and can help increase our own vibrations. The ocean itself releases negative ions which can strengthen our immune systems, improve our mood, and even provide some relief from asthma and migraines.

Nature just is. It flows, it’s still; it sways with the wind. As humans, we like to pride ourselves on how much work we get done and how busy we are, but sometimes an escape into nature to reconnect with our ancient mother is necessary.

Image captured by me at Fishkill Creek, Beacon NY



2 responses to “Vibrate Higher in Nature”

  1. Author_Joanne_Reed Avatar

    Great post! Thanks for sharing this information more people should be aware of this fact. I live in Seoul (Korea) which is a really city, but I am lucky enough to live close to Mount Namsam which is my favourite spot here, where I can walk through the woods and vibrate in a higher energy surrounded by the trees!

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    1. B Avatar

      Thank you. And yes, I love a good walk in the woods!


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