How Do You Find Your Life Path?

I keep wondering if I’m going down the right path in life. Often, I feel like I’m wandering. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got an idea of what my purpose is, then I question it when faced with some other plausible path to take. (It’s 2:22 as I type this).

I know that my confusion is my own fault. That it’s because of my own thought patterns, lack of consistency, and subconscious programming.

Some questions I’ve been grappling with lately: 

  • How do I heal my subconscious patterns?
  • What does success truly look like to me?
  • What do I want my life to look like now and in the future?
  • Am I working towards my perceived ‘destiny’?

We’ve all got our ways of coping with our uncertainty, but here’s something I keep pondering on. Can we really leverage our life path number to live our “best lives?”

Do you know your life path number?

According to numerology, which has been around for thousands of years, we all have a life path number. Calculated from your birthdate, the life path number can indicate some of your natural talents and abilities, providing you with a sense of guidance for your life’s direction.

My life path number is 3.  The number 3 involves creativity, communication, and change. Creativity comes easy to me, yet there’s a lot that I hold back. Battling my own self-censorship has been such an ongoing issue for me. But my goal is to stay consistent in bringing my creativity to the forefront. Procrastination is also a big problem of mine, so by understanding some of the negative aspects that come with this number, I hope to slowly evolve and be a better version of myself.

But it’s not enough to just *hope* it’s important to DO!

Do you know your life path number? Do you feel that it resonates with you? Share in the comments! You can use this site to get the calculation.

Image captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.



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