Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces

On February 16, 2020, Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Everyone tends to freak out during Mercury in retrograde, but thanks to the influence of empathic Pisces, this should be a smoother retrograde.

Key Themes:
Go with the flow, slow down and reflect. It’s okay to be still and not as productive as usual. Don’t think of life as such a linear process. Sit with yourself for a bit and be more present. Be mindful and intentional. Go deep, go within. Forgive yourself from past traumas, work through heavy emotions.

Mercury the Planet and Greek Mythology

Let’s look at Mercury. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and is the closest to the sun. Mercury is the Roman god of merchants, travelers, and tricksters. In Greek mythology, Mercury represents Hermes, who is the quick-footed messenger of the gods (Mercury takes appx 88 days to complete its orbit around the sun, therefore is considered a fast-moving planet).

Like the Roman Mercury, Hermes ruled over wealth, shopkeeping, fertility, and trickery. Mercury also rules communication and our communication styles (check your natal chart to see what sign is in this planet to better understand your communication style).

When Mercury is in retrograde, you’re often told to be careful when signing contracts, traveling, communicating, etc. Think of the words mercantile, mercurial; these are derivatives from mercury and its influence. Since these are some of the aspects of life that this planet rules, it’s believed that things can get a little hairy around this time.

Mercury in Pisces, the Ethereal

Pisces. The “softies” of the zodiac. They’re the 12th sign, the last, before the zodiac starts all over again with the baby of the group, Aries. The sign of the two fish, Pisces is a watery intuitive sign ruled by Neptune – which also rules over illusions, creativity, and all that’s dreamy and ethereal. So when Mercury is in Pisces, it’s not in a strong placement. Mercury is “like a fish out of water” here, which makes this retrograde a little easier.

Pisces is about fantasy and imagination, Mercury is logical and analytical. It’s concerned with intellect, while Pisces is about connecting to the spiritual world.

What also helps ease this retrograde, which lasts through March 9th – is the influence of Venus. Venus is a beneficial planet, which brings together friends and family, rules over love and beauty, Mercury will be sitting in a degree in Pisces that’s ruled by Venus, which brings some positive influences. So this should help ease some of the tensions.

** Just be careful when Mercury moves into Aquarius, a logical sign, in early March, which may have us unsure about our emotions after such a watery time.**

Image captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

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