Are You Grateful for the Abundance that Earth Provides?

On this week that we’re celebrating Earth Day, I’ve been thinking about the myriad of ways in which the earth provides for us. Water for drinking, bathing, and simply enjoying. Herbs and plants as medicine; fruits, vegetables, nuts, animals, and more for food. It’s truly amazing how bountiful this planet is. 

In recent months, I’ve been learning more about food as medicine. As human beings, we are connected to the earth and the cosmos, and when you break it down simply, our environment provides us with all the nutrients we need to keep our bodies functioning. As above, so below – as within, so without.

In our busy, modern world, we’ve become a bit disconnected from the true needs of our bodies. We don’t realize how detrimental a lack of certain nutrients are for our overall well-being. Can you tell when you need more iron? More Vitamin C or D? For instance, it’s been proven that Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to low energy and chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t able to get adequate sun to nourish us with this essential vitamins, so we resort to supplements. I’m thankful for supplements, but I understand how important it is to feel the sun’s rays charge my body, to breathe in the fresh air and strengthen my microbiome, to touch the dirt and trees, and to be mindful of the food and liquids I put in my body.

We are of earth and we need to learn how to better co-exist with our original mother; the mother of all species. I look forward to the day where I can honor Mother Nature with my own greenhouse and herbal garden. I’ve got a few plants at the moment but I’m working on realizing one of my ultimate goals in life! Every spring I’m in awe at the beauty that pops up around us, it’s like I’m in a living, breathing art exhibit and I love it.

From top left to right: spearmint (a wonderful herb for tea, helps with indigestion), rosemary (honestly, the properties and uses in both health + magic are incredible), a Canadian goose eating seeds in the grass, the children’s garden at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography

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