Feeling the Ground Gives me the Feels

At heart, deep holism means a refusal to join the zombie apocalypse— to not be numb, unfeeling, disconnected, on autopilot, unable to feel yourself or others.
— Pip Walker

The other day I intentionally walked barefoot in the grass. I dug my toes into the earth as I walked, I made sure the bottoms of my feet were connecting to the ground. I needed to feel close to nature. I laid out on the grass and felt the sun charge my body. It was important that I just “be.”

No sunglasses to block the shade, no headphones to cancel out the surrounding noise. Just me and my environment.

There was a deep need to FEEL. In this world where so much information and communication becomes distorted, I just wanted to feel something organic. Something that existed for its sake of existing. I wanted to connect to another organism that communicated in a nonverbal way on a soul level. And it was beautiful.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden 2021
All images captured by me (c) dycephotography. Check out my ETSY SHOP for prints and more!

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3 responses to “Feeling the Ground Gives me the Feels”

  1. Oke Iroegbu Avatar

    This is excellent 👍


    1. B Avatar

      Thank you 🙂

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