Do You Rise With the Sun? Making the Most of the Day

I’ve finally hit the point in my life where I realize that waking up early IS truly beneficial.

Getting a head start to the day helps you get things taken care of while many people are still sleeping in or lazing around. Rising with the sun gives me more time in the day, and I’m able to improve my circadian rhythm. I find that I’m more productive and efficient.

In this world where we’re so far removed from the ways of our ancient ancestors, we’ve become all too familiar with glowing lights, tv screens, phones in hand until we fall asleep, and living a life that’s essentially out of balance with nature. We spend too much time in artificial environments.

When I rise with the sun, I get to enjoy more energy from the source of life itself and it’s truly invigorating. The sun powers our life force and it’s essential to plug into it!! Also, I find that it gives me more time to conduct my spiritual practices before getting into the day and I truly appreciate that.

Are you an early riser? Do you find that it’s helped you in life?

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography

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