Are You Ready for This Season of Growth

This post is from my March Newsletter about Aries initiating a new energy for the year. Spring is here and we’re really in 2021, take advantage of this time! There’s more great content where this came from so I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter so you can receive the next one later in the month.

Let me ask you something…

We’re always striving towards something right? Maybe it’s improving ourselves, working towards a promotion, a life goal, or becoming the next best version of ourselves. But have you thought about what (or who) you are unbecoming in the process?

What are you letting go of? What burdens are no longer yours to carry? 

Now that we’ve passed the Spring Equinox and we’re in Aries season, we’ve hit the reset button and are at the beginning of a new zodiac cycle. This got me thinking … when we embark on a new journey, there are always parts of us that need to be left behind. That’s what growth is about. When you start a new job, when you become a parent for the first time, when you become a new homeowner — there are old ways of doing things that must get left behind because they don’t serve your new role in life. 

A breath of the new year has entered our souls, and it’s time for initiating. During Aries season, you plant your seeds, physically and metaphorically. It’s when the seedling simmers in the ground to grow its roots. This is only the beginning, you can’t see what’s happening. You have to continue to care for the plant and tend to it as time goes on.

As you plant new seeds, you’re also caring for the growth of the other plants in your life — trimming away yellowed or dried leaves. You want to cultivate lushness, see the green!

2021 is officially here! What are you leaving behind as you become a wiser, more experienced version of yourself? 

Herbs of the season:

Nettles: anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, strengthens bones and tissues

Yarrow: good for those who overheat (a lot of Mars – Aries – Scorpio energy), may reduce heavy menstrual bleeding, helps lower blood pressure

Maca: a stimulant and adaptogen that helps regulate adrenal function, helps against exhaustion (I love Maca powder in my coffee)

Stay well,

Fertile Grounds

The life that was dormant has now awoken and is ready to shine in its glory. The natural landscape around us is literally beginning to brighten! BUT – all things in their own time, right? Some flowers are blooming now in March and early April, while some flowers don’t peak until May and June.

We all blossom in our time. It’s great to take heed to nature’s cues but there are different stages to this. Maybe you’re feeling like the seed in the darkness that was just planted. Maybe you’re ready to flourish like crocuses that are sprouting right now. It’s okay. Continue to do what you can with the energy that supports you at your current stage!
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