Healing: The Choice to Empower Yourself

A brief word on what I’ve learned about healing.

It requires commitment and some level of self-awareness. Or at least that of attaining it.
Healing means having to constantly look at what you’re trying to achieve, and how much responsibility you’re willing to take on. There’s a lot of discomfort that comes with this process. You need to have honest discussions with yourself.

Do you want to heal your heart? Mind? Body? Soul?

Much of my healing has been focused on unearthing more of my shadow self. This process leads to some revelations, confusion, and even shameful feelings. The confrontation of my unaddressed needs can pop up at any time; it takes a lot of work to break down the ego.

The key is to realize when you’re being “triggered” and what behaviors you need to take in order to find a sense of stillness.

Though it sounds cliché, healing definitely isn’t pretty but it can be empowering. Do you realize how much of an active participant you are in your life? You can choose to make better decisions for your diet, for your physical health, for your mental health. When you start to notice that you can make decisions that lead you to a more fulfilling life, there’s no turning back. YOU get to CHOOSE that!

This is what I love about healing. That even during those times when you’re plunged into the darker, denser, depths of the earth, you can catapult and ascend higher into the bright, lightness of the heavens. The path of healing is a continuous one with a multitude of benefits along the way, and the knowledge of that keeps me going.

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography

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