Do You Feel That in the Air? A Cycle is Ending

This post is from my February Newsletter about the Pisces season and its impact on closing out the 2020 cycle. Spring is almost here, y’all! There’s more great content where this came from so I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter so you can receive the next one later in the month.

Do you feel that in the air? Spring is on the way and a cycle is ending!

Now that the sun has entered Pisces, we’re in the last sign of the astrological wheel. We’re completing the full Aries to Pisces cycle, which began in March 2020. And you know what? For the first time, I realized that January didn’t really feel like the beginning of a new year. We were still in stagnant energy. Turns out that the shift actually occurs in March with Aries.

I’ve also noticed that the vibe outside has been a bit weird lately! I wonder if the weight of the oppressed collective is being amplified by Pisces.

Represented by Neptune (ruler of the vast ocean) and the two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces is a feminine, intuitive sign that often has troubles knowing when to get grounded in reality and when it’s okay to swim in a fantasy.

There’s a strong connection to spirituality, transcendence, and mankind as a whole. As such, Pisces can sometimes struggle with boundaries and get lost in the sauce of all this “togetherness.” They may drown in their feelings. It will be helpful to get in tune with yourself this season. Learn how to discern your own feelings from that of others.

As we get ready for the “new year”…

Think about the seeds you want to plant for the months ahead. In NYC, last year’s coronavirus lockdowns happened as Pisces season was coming to an end. So much has happened since then. How do you feel?Take some quiet time. Connect with your spirit. Feel your feelings but remember to swim back to sea!

Herbs for the season:

Passionflower: support with anxiety, stress, insomnia
Dandelion – blood purifying, gut support (probiotic), antioxidants
Mugwort – digestive support (indigestion, travel sickness), sleep support (lucid, vivid dreaming)

Poseidon’s Realm

In astrology, Neptune is the planet associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. It brings a sense of dreaminess to a situation, making it hard to understand the present reality — because of this, Neptune is also associated with deception and confusion. 

Neptune, Poseidon, God of the sea, can easily take you under and transport you to unknown depths, helping you break free from some of your own limits. Below are some of my “dreamy” photographs to capture the Pisces spirit. *Most images can be bought as prints

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All images (c) dycephotography

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