I Finally Get the Hype About Roses; They’re Magnificent

I used to think roses were overrated. To be honest, they’re still not my favorite. But also … I LOVE THEM!

Roses are absolutely beautiful.
They grow in an array of colors and shapes, unfurling petals in a multitude of designs. A great addition to practically any bouquet. Fresh roses smell divine.

To me, roses seemed like a cop out. I don’t know why — maybe because it’s so widely available, the thought of a planting a rose bush or buying a bouquet of roses seemed to lack originality for me. But then I got older, became interested in lillies, orchids, daisies, peonies, sunflowers, tulips, and the likes. And I learned to appreciate how classically delightful a rose is.

Roses. Love. Peace. Nurturing. Purity. Joy. Sacrifice.

Apparently, roses have been collected and cultivated for centuries. Humankind has taken a liking to this multipurpose flower. It’s been used as an ingredient for beauty recipes, for its medicinal properties, and to symbolically communicate different messages.

A pollen provider for the bees and food for other creatures, the rose is truly a gift from the universe. Which makes sense, given that it’s the highest vibrational plant. Roses emit the highest frequency of any plant that man has measured thus far. So when you keep roses around or spray rose on you, you’re keeping yourself surrounded by a high, positive vibration.

I like to incorporate roses into my daily life in the following ways:

  • buying fresh roses at the market (and keeping some on an altar)
  • rose petal herbal tea
  • rosehip fruit herbal tea
  • baths with rose petals around the tub
  • baths with rose water
  • dried rose petals in a spiritual bath

Now, whenever I see someone growing roses in their gardens, I admire the bush and am grateful that someone decided to cultivate an earthly piece of heaven. I will no longer take them for granted!

All photography captured by me (c) dycephotography

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