Aquarius Season May Have You Questioning How You Relate To Yourself and the World

In the spirit of Aquarius season (1/20 – 2/18/21), I’ve been thinking about identities. The way we often cling to a group, or something familiar in order to label ourselves. Since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, there’s a bit of a rebellious energy that we may experience around this time, now that the Sun is placed here.

And to turn things up a bit, Uranus has gotten settled into its home in Aquarius in 2020, and will be stationed here for the rest of the year. A lot of us will be feeling an “awakening” energy. We may start to question the things in our lives that we took for granted or that seemed to have previously “worked” for us, but no longer do so.

You might be drawn to shake things up in your life!

Maybe you’ll feel called to take a different approach to your work/life balance. Do you base your identity or success around what you accomplish professionally? Does that really speak to the core of who you are?

Perhaps you’ll feel differently about how you label yourself. Maybe you start to feel more sexually fluid and open — or maybe you realized you wanted to stop being referred to by your sexual identity, no longer letting that be a lead identifier for you.

Do you unconsciously place restrictions on yourself based off of the label you’ve chosen to identify with?

This is something that I think about in my own day-to-day life. When choosing to live more spiritually inclined, I sometimes find myself boxing myself into ways in which I think I “should” act, rather than what actually suits me in the moment. Sometimes I go against the very thing I’m trying to achieve (harmony, a mentally balanced life), when I try to force myself into my own expectations.

I don’t think labels inherently hurt us, as they can help alert others to some of the values in which we align with or to certain lifestyle choices — but we can’t let them become us.
They should be used as tools for empowerment.

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography

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