There’s Beauty in Life and Death

Memento mori,
Memento vivere.

Remember you must die,
Remember you must live.

So often we find ourselves living through the mundane in life. We get lost in the annoyances.
We forget to be thankful, to be appreciative, to love, and to honor ourselves through our health. We put things off until tomorrow and follow the same patterns. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes.

We live and we die. What are we doing while “living?”

There’s beauty in death. Metaphorically, if one is to evolve in their lifetime, some parts of oneself would die. Maybe it’s certain ideologies or behaviors – but something has to transform to make way for the new. There’s a rebirth process. The hope is that you’ve transformed with wisdom, with knowledge to help you be more informed in the future.

What parts of ourselves will we allow to die to make room for upgrades? Death is only the beginning of the transformation; it is not the end. I think this is something to consider as we make our way through the pandemic.

Beauty in Life & Death

I recently uploaded a collection of shots I’ve taken at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. It’s such a beautiful cemetery and a great place to appreciate nature. I do a lot of birdwatching here and the mausoleums and statues can be quite breathtaking.

The cemetery does a great job with landscaping; spring and autumn are particularly great for photos. In this collection, I’m highlighting the beauty of life as it coexists with the concept of death through the juxtaposition of nature and the tombstones/mausoleum.

>> Click to see the collection <<

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