I Miss the Moon

I miss the moon. I’m outside less and don’t see it as often.
I feel like something is missing in my life. Food for my soul.

The featured image was taken by me in Brooklyn, right before April 7th’s full moon in Libra.

And now, we’re in the waxing phase of the new moon that fell in Taurus on April 23rd. During this cycle (leading up to May 7th’s full moon in Scorpio), I’m putting my energies into getting more grounded. Taurus is an earth sign and likes things that are stable and predictable, while also enjoying luxuries and material wealth.

This new moon happens in a “4” month, which also indicates a time for setting foundations, giving yourself something solid to build upon. The new moon in Taurus connects to that concept – being that it’s happening during the spring, where we plant our seeds and tend to our soil.

“The energy of number 4 is all about conscientiousness and responsibility, which contrasts starkly with number 3, the previous root number, which was analogous with unbridled creativity. The number 4 is creative as well, but in a more conventional and organized way.”The Secret of the Tarot

How are you tending to your personal soil? How are you staying grounded?

We mustn’t lose touch with the little things that make us happy, that bring us sanity, that help us stay centered. Especially now; it’s imperative. Though I’ve seen the moon less, I started meditating more and practicing yoga at home.

*Update – after I drafted this post a few days ago, the position of the new moon has placed itself right outside of my window at night. I love it!*

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