I Still Haven’t Accepted the “New Normal,” Have You?

I’ve been off my game lately.

My routine has been shaken up, and it’s hard. Doing everything at home just isn’t the same. I miss my routines, my deviations from them, passing by the bakeries, stopping in Chipotle, and definitely going to the gym!!

Get Fresh Air — Disconnect from the Internet and Media for a Bit

Everyone is being told to stay inside, but sometimes staying inside feels like a cruel joke. You work from home as if things haven’t changed. But they have, they absolutely have. You either scroll incessantly online, reading about how everyone is urging you to stay inside or you binge watch some programs, maybe you cook. Or maybe you’ve caught some strain of the virus and feel fatigued and sleep through a lot of it.

But then… if you step outside, you might catch some folks going for a stroll or a run. You see people playing in their yards, life is still happening. And it’s in these moments that I’m thankful that I stepped out for some fresh air. You almost forget about the pandemic, about the mania in the news. I take these moments to disconnect from social media, because honestly – sometimes that’s just another insulating bubble that can also be mentally harmful.

People are dying, people are losing jobs, people may also be losing a bit of their sanity. I started crocheting again, and I’ve journaled more this week. And as I have gone within, I realized I need some sort of structure in my life. I realized that this is only the beginning.

Picture captured by me in Prospect Park, Brooklyn



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