Radiate Like the Sun(Flower) this Leo Season

It’s summer and it’s HOT! It’s Leo season in New York, which means that the sun is at home in its firey zodiac of Leo the lion; the sun is Leo’s planetary ruler.

The sun is our life force; it’s a major luminary for us on Earth. Energetically, it represents yang energy (masculinity), enlightenment, creative force, and movement. The sun shines a light on all situations and encourages us to tap into our nature to be seen, to share our gifts with the world. During Leo season, we must remember the importance of radiating and standing tall like the sunflower.

The sunflowers rely on their thick stalks to carry the nutrients they need in order to grow gloriously towards the sun. They’re a symbol of upliftment, joy, beauty, and LIFE! With the colors green, gold, yellow, and orange (with earthy brown to complement), the flower is a symbol of vitality, strength, happiness, and good fortune.

Sunflowers help brighten the day — and they’re a wonderful reminder of just how beautiful the sunshine is! Work with sunflowers to bring positive energy and happiness into your life, especially during Leo season, so you can harvest more of its benefits.

3 simple ways you can incorporate sunflower magic into your life:

  • Create bouquets with sunflowers and other summer flowers (roses, calendula, and lilies).
  • Add sunflowers to your ancestor altar (or for your solar deity, prosperity or beauty altar).
  • Include sunflower petals in a spiritual bath or in an herbal dressing for candles.
Ruled by the sun, sunflowers are a flower of Leo Season

All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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