3 Herbs for Self-Care This Cancer Season

How are you nurturing yourself this summer?

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After spending so much time running around and socializing during Gemini season, Cancer season calls for us to chill for a bit and nurture ourselves and our homes. It’s time to slow down and reconnect with self; it’s time to water our gardens, essentially.

Ruled by the moon, and represented by the crab, Cancer is a water sign that encourages you to embrace your feminine energies. This could mean sitting with your emotions, allowing yourself to be more receptive, spending time in nature, and going inward. As you spend time with your thoughts, you may always want to make yourself some tea and connect to the magical and healing benefits offered by herbs that are appropriate for this season.

Below, I’ve listed some wonderful herbs for Cancer season: Mugwort, Oat straw, and Passionflower

3 Herbs for Cancer Season

Mugwort: Named after the moon goddess Artemis (mugwort’s official name is artemisia vulgaris), mugwort is a great herb for vivid dreaming. It also aids digestion by improving liver function and bile production, and can even stimulate a poor appetite. Additionally, mugwort can stimulate menstruation and may relieve some cramping and pain. *Can add to dream pillows/sachets.

Oats/Oat straw: (Honestly one of my favorites). Ruled by the moon – oat straw is great for its nutritive properties. It’s a great aid for restoring nerves, connective tissue, and skin. Also really good for bone support.

Oat straw has a mild taste and can be mixed with plenty of other herbs without being distracting. I recently made an oat straw infusion to add to my skincare routine. Oat straw can be found in my Anti-inflammatory + Immunity Booster tea and my Brain Boost + Mood Elevation Herbal tea.

Passionflower: This herb can have a sedative effect, helping to relieve insomnia, anxiety, and irritability for both adults and children. Since it relaxes the body, it can also be used to stimulate libido if you’re generally too high-strung to relax and enjoy yourself. *Can be used as an aid to protect against an angry individual with malicious intent.

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