Keep it Light During this Warm, Airy, Season

Gemini season is here! That means we’re getting closer to summer and this has been a major boost to my vibe after a lonnnggg winter in Brooklyn. Gemini brings the heat and is a quick-witted, talkative, and movement-oriented air sign.

Ruled by Mercury, this sign enjoys communicating, knows how to stay busy, and likes to DO things because of its masculine nature.

Gemini and its dual nature are also prone to change like the wind. Though this may label their energy as somewhat flighty and unpredictable, they can also be quite adaptable. This is actually a common trait among mutable signs. Mutable signs bring the end of a season, therefore they’re familiar with change and have the ability to “wrap things up,” so to speak. Gemini is the in-between sign that prepares our spirits and bodies for the summer (mutable signs are placed in-between seasons).

Eat Light Foods During Gemini Season

With all of this buzzing about in the air — it’s important to stay mindful of our health and nutrition during this transition. Gemini season calls for us to chomp on the greens and light animal protein; I’m thinking — nutritious salads with grilled shrimp or chicken kind of meal. Definitely indulge in fruits and vegetables of the season; I’m already seeing plenty of watermelon on the market around Brooklyn.

To work with the flowy energy of Gemini, I suggest eating foods that allow you to move with more ease and not feel as heavy. Substitute some of your snacks for blackberries, oranges, grapes, veggies with hummus, and the likes! Drink water and maybe even substitute a meal for a nutritious smoothie. Tap into Gemini’s curious energies and try some new smoothie or juice recipes.

All photos captured by Brandyce of OBSRVNC.comall rights reserved.

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