Call in Love and Self-Healing with These 3 Herbs for Taurus Season

Taurus season is coming to an end and I reviewed its energy in my monthly newsletter (where I discuss astrology, wellness insights, seasonal herbs, and more) — and I also shared a few herbs of the season. SO – before we fully jump into Gemini season, I want to review the herbs of Taurus I shared in my newsletter.

The herbs I felt called to highlight were violets, cleavers, and marshmallow (root). I have personally seen violets and cleavers in bloom here in Brooklyn, and I happened to start incorporating marshmallow root powder in my coffee during Taurus season. I actually found out that it’s an herb ruled by Venus — which is the planet that rules Taurus, so I decided to include it in the round-up!

In general, Venusian elixirs/herbs promote balance and harmony within ourselves and how we relate to others. Given the Taurean nature to appreciate the beauty and the finer things in life, working with the right herbs can help someone who’s looking to refine their charm, create love oils/spells, improve their relationships, and even their sense of fashion.

Here are 3 Taurus Season Herbs to Become Familiar With:

Violets: a Venus-ruled plant that is in full bloom during Taurus season. It’s a wild herb that can easily be found like dandelions. Violets are helpful for lymphatic drainage and dry mucus membranes. Violets have a moistening property to them. They can be used for love or compassion workings — when looking to attract something without forcing it.

Cleavers: also in full bloom during Taurus season are cleavers, herbs that grow amongst lush greenery. Known for its tendency to stick to hair, clothes, people — it can be used for those looking to balance their attachments in relationships. It also acts as a diuretic to cleanse the system, serving as a great ally for kidney health.  

Marshmallow Root: due to its moistening properties, this Venus-ruled herb is good for dry coughs and colds. It’s also helpful for gut health: leaky gut syndrome, IBS, and autoimmune disorders (which can also be due to gut issues). Marshmallow is often used in fertility and attraction spells and associated with Venusian deities of love and beauty.

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All photos captured by Brandyce of, all rights reserved.

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