Keep the Faith This Pisces Season

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
– Albert Einstein

It’s an interesting time that we’re living in. And being that we’re currently in Pisces season, the ability to tap into the collective consciousness is amplified. Pisces the feminine water sign, is ruled by Neptune and the 12th house. So this sign’s energy and house are about spirituality, transcendence, and faith.

During challenging times it’s important to keep our faith, and Pisces can be good at this. They’re actually so good at carrying their beliefs that sometimes they lack objectivity and fall into traps of delusion (which is why Neptune is a planet that can sometimes be a struggle to work with, because it may place a bit of a dreamy/out-of-touch view on a situation).

It seems that as the days and months go by, we’re presented with more information that challenges our concepts of reality on an individual and societal level. What’s really happening? Who are we? Why are we here? How should we be feeling? Dealing with such an other-worldly vibe can be overwhelming.

Connect with the Spiritual Realm if You Feel Called, but Protect Your Energy and Find Grounding.

It’s important to stay grounded during this time and do your best to understand your feelings so that you don’t confuse others’ energies for your own. It’s also worth noting that Pisces rules the feet — which in itself, indicates that it’s important to not get too caught up with our desires to escape, and slip into the ethereal.

You can work with smoky quartz during this time to transmute negative energies and protect from psychic attacks — in addition, it can help transform your dreams into reality (and this is a wonderful time to work with dreams).

If you’re willing to lean into the Piscean vibe — take note of your dreams, find herbal teas that enhance your visions, spend more time meditating, and work with a crystal like amethyst to increase your intuition, your connection to the Divine Feminine, and inner wisdom.

Fortify yourself, be creative, sit with yourself, and remember… discernment is key!

All photos were captured by me. All rights reserved.

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