6 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Divine Feminine

The world is in chaos and disarray. How have we gotten here?

I’d guess it’s because of a multitude of factors, right? It seems like many of us have become disconnected from who we are at our true essence. As human beings, a lot of us are out of touch with nature, we’re living in a world that’s run by powerful people with whom we have no connection, we’re working more than we’re resting, and our systems prevent us from nurturing our divine essence; the Divine Feminine that lives in us all.

There’s so much competition, a lot of masculine-based behaviors; there’s the need to always “do” and “be on,” like that annoying refrigerator that won’t stop humming. I think many of us aren’t living in alignment with who we truly are, and thus we lose some of our dreams, we rely less on our own intuitions, and focus too much on logic and reason while also neglecting the heart’s desires.

I’m here to remind you that it isn’t a bad thing to listen to your heart; it’s a pretty big organ with an important job to keep us alive.

Have You Fed Your Divine Feminine?

I believe we are cosmic beings, that we’re souls who are here on earth to learn how to transcend experiences and other important lessons for growth. I believe our life on Earth is perhaps one pit stop before moving on to another. And as we navigate this life and all of its unseen energies and forces, it’s helpful to remember that we all have masculine and feminine energies within us. The goal is to find a balance between the two.

We experience burnout because we’ve let the masculine take over. We get stuck in our heads because we’re trying to be so logical and make sense out of things. I’m starting to learn that a lot of life is about learning how to let go, how to receive, how to be still … and then know when to take action.

Don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself. If we’re so busy working all the time, we aren’t our best selves and our cup is probably running on empty. Then we don’t have much of ourselves to pour into others: our family, friends, colleagues, community, etc. So, I encourage you to take time to develop a healthy relationship with your Divine Feminine; if you’re not already doing so.

Become your own best friend. Learn how to feel into your emotions without letting them run the show. Take time to reflect, connect with your inner wisdom, be more present, and care for yourself. When our Divine Feminine is balanced, we don’t feel guilty for enjoying leisure, sensual activities, and saying no to the things that don’t serve our highest good.

You can connect more with your divine feminine by:

🌿 Spending time in nature

🌹 Surrounding yourself with high vibrational flowers (like roses!)

🎨 Creating art or going to a museum/gallery to view

🧖🏽‍♀️Nourishing your body with high-quality lotions, oils, and butters

🧘🏽‍♀️Meditating, journaling, and spending some time with yourself in a calming environment.

⭐️ Working with crystals:

Rhodonite: known for its ability to aid while working through emotional wounds and traumas. As a stone of compassion, it’s great to use while healing issues from the past but also bringing in nurturing love. (Shop my Rhodonite healing bracelet)

Rose Quartz: known as the “love stone” it helps balance anger and helps assist with issues of love, emotions, and mental health. (Shop my Rose Quartz healing bracelet)

Amethyst: helps to connect to your intuition and develop insight. It’s great for third eye support, especially during meditation. (Shop my Amethyst healing bracelet)

Unakite: contains green and pink for heart chakra support. A beautiful stone for seeking healing and balance.

All images captured by me. All rights reserved.

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