“Take Care of Your Needs”

This Pisces season has been wearing on me.
Mentally exhausted.
Longing for the rejuvenation of spring.

Though I understand I can’t let the external affect me, it’s an ongoing practice.
I have been performing mental gymnastics.
I meditate, journal, and do the things “I know” will benefit my mental health.
Sometimes, these are the very things we neglect when a challenge is presented!
Funny how that works …

After I was done letting my feelings be, I had to commit to bringing myself into the light.

Do you have prep talks with yourself?
Do you have an ancestor altar? Try voicing some of your thoughts or concerns aloud. God is within us, and speaking helps put things into motion. Speaking is a part of spellwork. What spells are you casting over your life? Seriously. Think about the things you say to yourself when speaking to others – or yourself – or Spirit.

After meditating, I pulled an oracle card from the [Angels and Ancestors] deck. I found it quite fitting:

“Winter: Take Care of Your Needs”

You have an opportunity to move beyond your fears. Although you may feel in the dark, get comfortable with being in the unknown and trust that the light within you will sustain you through what may seem a challenging process.

Ask yourself what you need to do to feel supported and alive. 

It was a friendly reminder.

All photography captured by dycephotography (c) 2021
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