Let’s Be Real: How “Motivated” Are You Feeling Right Now?

I’ve noticed a shift on social media. I think we’re so traumatized by the year we just had that people have left the “new year, new me” memes in the past. I haven’t seen as many, “Let’s leave X,Y,Z in 20XX” as I’ve seen before. I think many of us have resigned to the idea that we have no idea what’s to come and it just “is what it is.” As I mentioned in my last post, focus on what you can control.

Call me cynical, but you can’t simply shift your whole energy and plan for a set amount of time because a new month showed up. Especially here in NYC where we’re used to seasonal shifts, it’s hard to feel ready to start up anew and force yourself to get back into the swing of things just because the date on our calendar year changed. Something about that feels quite unnatural to me. Which is interesting because when I look back at my journals, I notice changes tend to appear around February/March. January still carries a lot of old energy.


BUT – you can still work towards the changes you DO want to see. Just be patient with yourself. We’re still in winter. We’re in the season of rest. Honestly, this is a reminder for myself as well, as I feel I have a lot of lofty goals but I have to pace myself. I often feel guilty for not getting as much done as I think I should. Like I’m continuously racing against the clock.

Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Slow down with her and prepare yourself to usher in greatness this Spring!

All images (c) dycephotography

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