Delighting in the Simple Pleasures of This Dark Season

As a person who is quite sensitive to the energies around me, December is feeling a bit heavy already. With the lunar full moon eclipse on November 30th, the December 14th new moon + solar eclipse, and the planetary alignments on the 21st, which will usher us into the Age of Aquarius, I’m doing my best to not over work my mind and emotions. I’m meditating more, drinking my herbal teas, and letting myself enjoy the holiday spirit.

I’m making the conscious effort to revel in the positive energy that Sagittarius season brings. Though I don’t consider myself a Christian, the festiveness of the season brings a smile to my soul. It’s cold, the days are darker, and our spirits are truly being tested. At a time where anxieties and stressors tend to be a bit higher, I’ve decided to be more receptive to the holiday joy.

Make Time for the Things YOU Like

I’m taking in all of the lights, I’m enjoying holiday jazz music, I don’t drink hot chocolate but I’m delighted by images of the warm foamy drink with fluffy marshmallows on top (especially if it’s in a holiday-themed mug). The happy snowman images call out to my inner child, and the twinkling wreaths and snowflake decor seem to light up something inside of me. And this is all because I’m making the conscious effort to enjoy these simple pleasures. I’m working on detaching from expectations and just doing what feels right for me.

The lights won’t be around for long, the decor will come down at some point in January, so I encourage you to also take this time to enjoy the season (if it’s your thing). Just go for it! Of course, you can always enjoy these times with friends and family, but this is such a great opportunity to be spontaneous. Want to try that new holiday latte? Go to the coffee shop and just do it! Want to wander around and admire the decor — go for it! See how you feel just seizing the moment and enjoying the little things, even if it means you’re going at it alone. You may just love it.

All images captured by me (c) dycephotography.

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