Fight the Power with Your High Vibration

We all know that 2020 has shaken the world up. And I don’t foresee things going back to what they were “pre-pandemic.” Too much has changed already.

An unfortunate circumstance from the pandemic is the decline in accommodations and resources. At least here in NYC, it seems that there are more lines and subpar customer service. There’s obviously less space that can be utilized as we’ve transitioned to indoor dining, which has limited capacity. Things seem to be breaking down more often with the wear and tear of people being at home or in their neighborhoods more often than before, and sometimes — you can pretty much feel the low vibrations in the air.

You Hold the Power

It takes a lot of energy to fight these low frequencies. Honestly! Sometimes being outside feels like a chore. Like I walk among the living dead, but I understand that the power lies within me. The power lies within me to carry a good attitude. To know that things are different; to adjust my expectations.

EYE have to decide to be the one to change my approach. EYE have control over how I choose to view my day. And as someone who would huff and puff with every slow-moving line or person on the sidewalk, I’ve learned so much about just being in the flow. About patience. And that when I’m super aware of my energy, I can have a beautiful day where everything happens the way I’d like it to. Sometimes it doesn’t. And that’s okay because I trust that some things are out of my control, and perhaps things happened the way they did for a reason.

So this holiday season, I ask you to be patient with yourself and others. Be cognizant of the energy you bring to the outside world. Keep your frequencies high and don’t bring stress and illness upon yourself!

Image captured by me in Prospect Park (c) dycephotography

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